Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Official!

Well guys big news!!!
The Borens

after months of filling out applications and decision making
we have officially accepted an offer in.....
drum roll!!!!!!!

San Jose!!!!!
wooooooo wooooooo woooooo

My sweet hubs was offered this amazing position with Cisco
in their mergers and acquisitions department
or treasury
he's still deciding..
which is a pretty big deal 
so we are relocating out little family to Cali-Fornia
We are leaving sometime after the Spring semester ends
His official start date isn't until the second Monday in June 
so we have plenty of time to figure all the little details out :)
Just don't tell anyone at FOX because I will not be informing them for a few more months..

Even though we are going to be packing up the chateau in 5 months I don't care
I'm still decorating
I am soo proud of myself because I just completed my first big project
Jack had a business trip this week so I had the evening to hammer away
Don't judge because I just ordered the pictures to fill the frames :)
my momma and I have big plans for expansion...
but I am only allowed to hammer 10 holes in the wall or we loose our deposit....
so my collection will have to build after we move

We've have had lots fun projects
Christmas is definitely the best time for projects if you ask me!
Jack's mom went to this Christmas tree auction last month
basically Boise's equivalent to The Festival of Trees
so all the money raised on the trees go to the children's hospital
and she bought us the beauty!
It was seriously the sweetest surprise
One day Jack and I were talking about buying a tree
and the next this shows up all wrapped up :)

In other news... Tatey is doing absolutely wonderfully :)
his companion seems really sweet
Nate said he really pushes him
He is serving on this college campus right now
I guess one day (like his second day in the field) they went to this fountain in the center of campus
Porter (his comp) went on one side and Nate went on the other
they then stopped every person who walked by and would try to give a brief overview of the gospel
bare their testimony, and invite them to hear the discussions
They were also handing out cards to watch the video
(if you haven't seen it, it is really short and really well done
definitely worth watching) 
I couldn't imagine doing what he's doing right now!
Seriously imagine making yourself so vulnerable sharing the topic dearest to your heart at a college campus nonetheless...  
needless to say, I am so proud of him

Love you all :)
Merry Christmas!! 



Friday, December 5, 2014

Hey, it's OKAY!!

Anyone who knows me knows...
I am a planner
a serious one
at least when it comes to my life paln
sometimes it's a good thing
but sometimes it really causes me to beat myself up
a lot....
because you know... some things don't go as planned

I have been a producer at Fox for about 9 weeks now
after my wonderful summer internship with Studio 5 
my "plan" was to get a job in production
gain some experience
 go back to KSL
stay with KSL until Studio 5 has an opening 
(there are literally 3 employees for the show)
and then love Studio 5 until I wanted something different
it sounded like a pretty solid 10 year plan....
but you guys.....
I need to be honest about something
I HATE this.....
I really do.... 
I don't hate many things but....
I just cannot be myself here
I don't live and breath news  like everyone else here
Don't get me wrong, staying up to date is important! 
reading CNN every morning has become something I will continue to do forever.
There are millions of interesting people doing interesting things in this world
everyone has a story to tell
but I don't care about knowing every last house that caught on fire this week
or every single accident on the freeway...
I just don't
I'm sad for the families that these things happen to
trust me one time I cried about these three dogs that died in a house fire...
but I just don't want to know some things..
trust me when I say
it has taken weeks of anxiety and crying my eyes out as I drive home from work to realize this....
since day one I felt like I was trying to be someone I'm not...

My entire life I have been "the fashion girl"
I never wore sweats to junior high
then I was voted best dressed in high school
and I went to fashion school
then I became "the nordy girl"
I lived and breathed Nordys for 2 years
and if I am honest with myself....
I loved every second of it.....
I loved the clothes, the people, the customers, everything
But for some reason I couldn't accept this about myself
There are a lot of stigmas that come with working in the fashion industry
and I felt like I was always trying to prove myself
that I cared about more than just shoes
but I thrived at Nordys... it just came naturally.... 
but for some reason I always had to explain why I there
the people I loved most never made me feel this way
they always said how proud they were
and only a few people would explicitly say things
but you know how it is....
I was talking about my 10 year plan
and when you talk about your 10 year plan
you have to be confident in it....
and yourself..
and I was terrified of the plateau...

but now as I sit here at my desk
writing about what is considered to be "important"
I have realized something...

Passion really is what fuels life.
You hear people say nonstop "follow your dreams, follow your dreams"
but for some people knowing
and I mean KNOWING that
I know.. 
without a doubt in my mind 
this is my calling in life
I am giving this all I've got
and you know what?
that's OKAY!

I have learned SOOOOOO much working my butt off to get into this industry
and what if I wouldn't have done this???
I would have never learned 
I could have been working my way up Nordy's wondering, "is this my calling?"
Do I care too much that Alexander Wang's SS2015 collection is UHHmazzz?

but you know what???

Alexander Wang's SS2015 collection IS UHHmazz!!!
and who the flip cares that those rose gold booties cost 900 dollars... they are beautiful
and I can wear those booties I saved for a year to buy
while pouring soup at the homeless shelter
or teaching kids how to read
just because I love fashion  doesn't mean I'm a shallow person
I love people
with all my heart
but I also know...
I am not following my passion right now
I just don't fit in here
and I'm glad I am realizing this now

Thanks for the vent :)



Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Well, today probably marks one of the hardest goodbyes of my life
okay, the hardest
today I said goodbye to my sweet brother
who is probably already sleeping by now...
his first night in the Provo MTC...
where he will stay for 13 days before flying across the country to Richmond Virginia
Where he will serve for 24 months...

I will be honest
 it's kind of a relief to have that taken care of...
I have been dreading this day for a month
seriously dreading it for about two weeks
and in complete denial all this week
Don't get me wrong today ripped my heart right out of my chest
but I am glad it's over.
I know I am going to be extremely lonely for him these next two years
Tatey has been my best friend all my life
and I automatically flashback to sitting on his bed for hours a countless number of nights
laughing, crying, playing tetris...
so to say I am going to miss him is an understatement
but I really feel like it is going to be easier
rather that imagining, it's actually happening
and it's a downward slop
now I can say he'll be home in 730 days :)

This week has been really special though
we were all able to spend quite a bit of time together as a family
Jack and I slept over Saturday night
spent the entire day Sunday with him
And then all of yesterday we got to spend together
You want to talk about a few miracles?
Yesterday 3 of my 5 classes were canceled..
when does that ever happen??
So I went to the early class and played hooky during the last one
we got to spend the entire afternoon together
We got to go on one last special temple date 
and ate too much at his favorite place
Cheesecake Factory :)

I have been really blessed
I have been able to feel my Father in Heaven's love many times
that burning feeling?
it's real
but last night...
you couldn't help but cry because of the warmth and love that was in that room
I have known all along Nate was meant to serve
I have been so incredibly proud of him for deciding to go completely on his own
but I hadn't felt peace until last night...
I have been anxious, and worrying, and praying he wouldn't get lonely, or sick, or have anything else sad happen to him while away 
I won't go too in depth but last night was a true manifestation of what an incredible brother I have.
and I know he's going to be okay :)

I know he's going to have some rough times
and that kills me a little
but I also know he is going to be a phenomenal missionary
anyone who knows Tatey knows he's a natural born leader
he is dedicated
when he sets his mind to something he not only wants to be good at it, he wants to be great
he puts forth his best effort in all he does
He and I have gone through a lot of incredibly spiritual experiences together
our papa's baptism, our cousin passing away, our family being sealed
we have talked a million times about how lucky we are to have an eternal family
and now he gets to go share that with others
I know without a doubt his sweet spirit is going to touch so many people in Richmond
He is definitely meant to be going there
So saying goodbyes are hard
but when you put it into perspective
it's not going to be that bad



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Feeling Funky

My sweet brother leaves on his mission Wednesday....
5 days.
5 DAYS you guys..
needless to say
I have been extremely emotional.
It's horrible.
really horrible
Tatey and I have been best friends ever since the little guy was born.
We were both kind of homebodies
I can't help that I love my cute little family so much I never wanted to leave!

I think about him and go visualize him sitting in his favorite little electric swing 
every time the swing would come forward I would say "awwww boooo!"
and he'd giggle like crazy 
seriously he just loved it!

now I look at him reading his scriptures, writing his farewell talk, buying new suits..
I can't help but miss him desperately 
and he hasn't even left yet :'(
so bare with me for slacking and hardly ever posting lately
I just haven't been myself this past week...
feeling rather funky
wanting to flash back (as long as jack can come) to being a little kid 
playing silly games, dumping mac and cheese on each others heads

 I really am so proud of him
sooooooooo proud
he's grown up into such an impressive little guy and he has soooo much ahead of him
he'll always be my bestie 
and he knows.... he's going to be getting a LOT of packages from this girl

Praying to keep it together just a few more days!
Richmond Virginia is too too lucky :)



Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I know, I know
I have been m.i.a. lately...
I have been working lots, lots, lots

I started at Fox about 2 weeks ago!
I realized I really took having time after class for granted...
I used to finish all my homework so early and now I really have to prioritize my time to get everything done
which is totally fine
I'm just still getting used to it

so I am an associate producer
basically what that means is I write content for the 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 9 o'clock news
My top priority is the 9 so most of the segments that aren't done by reporters I have written!
let's be honest, it can be pretty stressful
I really love my school, but it has taught me absolutely nothing to be prepared for this
The first week was extremely emotionally trying on me
I thought I was more prepared than I actually was
so I had zero confidence
My second day I was expected to write like 20 segments.
I worked so hard, googled like a thousand terms I had never heard in my life and when I finished
everything I wrote was torn apart or just completely changed 
so that was hard...
but I was the new girl, being the new girl is hard

It's true when they say
we definitely are our own toughest critics!
so let's all try taking it easy on ourselves this week

I came into work last Wednesday and my boss Marc asked me to step into his office
My heart sunk
I literally thought he was going to fire me
So I walk in and sit down... He shuts the door and says
"so a lot of people have been coming into my office to talk to me about you...."
At this point I'm thinking, oh my gosh... please don't cry... please don't cry!
He continued to say, "and I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are to have you here. Thanks for all your hard work!"
I couldn't even get excited
I literally left his office, went to the bathroom, and got those tears out I had been holding in haha
Like I said these few weeks have been emotionally trying on me
I have never worked so hard in my life
and have never wanted to succeed more in my life

I got to end the week in an exciting way
my friend Lorna and I got to anchor the KUED news
It was so great to be behind the camera and feel the adrenaline rush that gives me
 It seriously helped me to remember what it is I am working towards
So guys, keep your head up! It'll all be worth it in the end :)

Love, Love, Love
Oh and don't forget to go vote!



Friday, October 24, 2014

Feature Friday

This week I got to do a really fun feature!
Since all I do is write features at school right ;)
Next week I am being forced to do some investigative reporting.... 
haha but for now I still get to enjoy my light, fluffy features
so I first wrote this full page article on the campus food trucks
for one of my digital journalism classes
our site is called
if you want to check it out

after interviewing like 30 students and all the truck owners
it was very clear who the favorite was
I'll try to be biased...
but let's be real

Café Trang
is delicious!

Anyone have some serious ideas for next week's show???
interrogating people has never really been my strongest suit...
I like to interview people to congratulate them on success
highlight their greatest moments
make them feel great
interrogations kinda scare me....
things get bad 
people get deffensive
and then they hate you for life
I don't do well when people hate me.....
Do you know.... The Muffin Man???

So far people have suggested I do:
Crime on campus aka rape....
Bacteria on keyboards in the library
Would University Hospital would be ready if someone in Utah was diagnosed with Ebola?
As you can imagine... I am still deciding ;)



Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Things have gotten pretty crazy around here!
The other day I was working the Utah volleyball game when I got a call
it was from Fox :)

I got the job!

I seriously got the job
I am a Fox 13 Producer
I just cannot believe it 

I mean I did apply.. and then I got an interview... and then another one
but the fact I got the job is just too far beyond what I actually thought was possible 
it has yet to sink in
even though I already had my first day
I started yesterday :)

It was pretty insane
I work for the nightside crew so I write for the 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 9 o'clock news
Because I am still in school I'm scheduled 30 hours a week 
so if you watch the news Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturday mornings
chances are you'll see my name :)

So I got to Fox at 1 yesterday
after a production meeting and the grand tour where I met a thousand people whose names have already left my memory, I got started writing
In the meeting they give everyone their assignments for the night
Since it was my first day I only had 4 assignments but on average I'll write about 20 segments a day
I clip all the sound and video, create all the graphics, and of course write all the scripts.
When my show is on air I am in the control room 
I am the person that cues everyone
So all the reporters (there are usually 5) and the anchors start talking when I say go

I'm going to be honest
it was a really intense day
but every "first day" no matter what it's for, is typically overwhelming
new people, new environment, you know nothing, oh and you're the new girl
it's just how it is!
there is soooooooo much for me to learn
I have never written anything for "hard news"
I am definitely a feature kind of gal
light and fluffy :)
but I am really excited to take on this overwhelming challenge
I feel so stinking lucky to be there
I am by far the youngest and most inexperienced in the room
but I think it is important to be myself and take full advantage of this opportunity

So when I came across this quote today
I thought it was very fitting :)

Have a beautiful week



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Missing You

My sweet hubby is out of town :(
He got invited on this cool business trip
which I am SOOOO proud and excited for him 
.... I miss him soooooooooo much

Since Jack and I started dating last November I have spent a total of 4 nights away from him
yes 4 nights...
because we fell so in love so fast I just couldn't say goodnight :)

so he moved into my parents house
and he lived in the guest bedroom 
I highly recommend every couple does this
Otherwise I would have probably accidentally fallen asleep at his house everyday 
or stayed there until 6 am.....

So I'm sitting here on the couch 
watching like the 12 episode of Gilmore Girls for the evening 
and the one where Rory and Dean breakup on their 3 month anniversary comes on

and I start crying!
I was just thinking.... wow, I am so glad to be out of high school
life is so good and so much fun
and I am married to the most amazing sweet man 
who would totally watch Gilmore Girls with me if I asked him to
and just I wish he were here snuggling me
eating our favorite cakebatter ice cream

                                                        I just love him sooooo much!!!!
He will be back on Thursday :) 
In the meantime come visit me!
I have ice-cream



Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Because I have the sincerest fear of not having enough to do
I tend to sign up for everything...
I mean I just try to give everything a solid chance
and then I typically will have a stress attack and can't breath right for a week...
last week...
but it usually ends up working out in the end :)

Have you every watched the movie Yes Man??
I'm going to be honest.... Jim Carrey usually drives me crazy but this movie is one of my faves
Maybe because it reminds me of my brother
or because I crack up every time I see it
but basically Jim agrees to say yes to everything
and I have to admit.... I tend to be this way
If I haven't tried something, or have been asked to do something or go somewhere and have time,
I usually end up saying yes.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a good way to do things
but it has provided me with a few fun experiences and opportunities 

Including being a part of this senate campaign!
I was asked if I wanted to help out a woman who is running for office and of course, I agreed
I mean, I have never been a part of a campaign before!
And I'm not committing my life or anything, the election is like 4 weeks away

Being an on campus journalist has DEFINITELY brought this habit to my realization
every week I interview passionate presidents of different clubs 
so far I think every single one has invited me to an activity
Today I met with the gardeners of the Edible Campus Gardens

I joined their mailing list...
The girls were so nice! and I mean I have always dreamed of growing a beautiful garden

Before you think I am crazy 
Because I say yes too much
I got a call yesterday
It was from Fox-13
They asked me if I wanted to come in for an interview!!
which sadly first requires an in studio writing and political test
 but, needless to say...
I said YES YES YES!!!!!!

Praying for a miracle here because this could be sweeeeet!!!!!!

Loves and Kisses,


Monday, October 6, 2014

In N.Y.C.

This weekend was sure an exciting one 
Jack and I got to visit the big apple for a few days!
I haven't been since I was a little 12 year-old.
My momma took me to fashion week,
so my memories of NY are all very magical.
This weekend did not disappoint 
it was soooo wonderful to be there with my sweet hubby.

Last week was our 6 month anniversary 
6 MONTHS!!!! AHH!! 
Time has flown by, my goodness
so we told people we were there celebrating our anniversary
which is true.... kinda ;)

While exploring we stumbled across this gem of a store
I call this photo a few of my favorite things:
Jack (duh), Radio City, Bagels, and Sushi

 After lots of delicious pizza, skipping down streets singing Annie, shopping at Zara, exploring every news studio and people watching
 (the best place ever! I have literally been watching blondy, who's about 49,  in the airport for an hour flirt with every man that sits down by her at the bar. She has finally struck gold! It started with innocent flirting, then booty rubbing, now they are totally macking!!! ahhh I am dying!!)
See-No-Evil Monkey 
We are homeward bound
See you soon!



Friday, October 3, 2014


I know I made that goal awhile back to write everyday
and while I haven't been able to maintain that here with how crazy life has been
but I can assure you I have been writing everyday
This week I am working on three different packages for the show
praying they will turn out because you have no idea how much time goes into two minutes of television
until you're the one creating it!

Last night Tatey received his endowment.
It was so special to have my entire family together in the temple again
We were sealed together almost 3 years ago now
 and this time we were all there with my sweet hubby :)
The whole mish thing just got really real but.... let's not think about that

The PAC-12 has been fun
besides for the fact almost every night is consumed with watching sports. 
Before and after the games is really fun (which is good because it takes like 10 hours each)
But during the game is another story
During the game my job is to watch Maria

If she comes unplugged 
then the whole game is ruined...
Many would think this is the best part
 I mean look at some of the seats I've gotten

But if I am being completely honest....
I usually end up reading...
and they still pay me :)

Currently at a Volleyball game 
I promise, sometimes I really do work!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Monday, September 29, 2014

Racing for Scholarships

You would think that segment #2 would have been a breeze after spending so much time on #1
but there are seriously SOOOO many little details to remember every time
that I think this is going to take lots of practice before I get the hang of everything
so please bare with me as I learn :)

This weeks segment was on the University of Utah's Scholarship 5k Saturday
It was quite the adventure let me tell you
we woke up to the most insane rainstorm 
that continued all. day. long.
Now typically I love, love, LOVE the rain
but Saturday I literally spent the entire day outside...
Starting with shooting this segment at 7 am until I got home from working at 11:45 pm
My sweet hubs was sweet enough to help me with the 5k
Don't know what I'd do without my cute cameraman! 

I started this great new job Saturday
I work for the PAC-12 Broadcasting crew!
So for all the Utah home games (basketball, football and gymnastics)
 I spend the entire day doing everything I can behind the scenes to get ready for the event, during the event and cleaning everything up after it's over
It is great experience to learn all the little things that go on 
You won't believe this, but takes about 15 hours to set up for a football game!
granted it was raining Friday and Saturday so normally it takes about 12 but still!
my mind was blown 
I was able to meet some really cool people who are really connected in the industry.
We are talking the coolest thing of my life happened, but I don't want to count my chickens just yet
so stay tuned :)

For now I give you:

Racing for Scholarships



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Turning Dreams into Reality

I don't know about you but I am a very good dreamer
very good 
I have all these ideas of the future I want to make
where I want to work, where I see Jack and I living, and just about everything else in life
if you don't believe me, just check out my Pinterest boards
when you start thinking how to bring these dreams to life
and you really break it down into a step by step process
it can be slightly intimidating....

Especially when you've been researching for endless hours 
how to get that dream internship and you learn
"Every year we receive 16,000 applicants..."
 and continue to read "We accept 150..."
You can't help but think good luck standing out there sista
guess I'll just give my girl Diane Sawyer a call
sure she'll help me line something up ;)
But they still accept 150 right? It could be my lucky day!
Which is why I am obviously going to do everything in my power to be one of the 150 lucky kiddos
but I will also be working on my plan B and C and D probably a plan E as well
it's all about getting that experience 
and whatever that experience ends up being...
it's going to be wonderful

Anyone who knows my sweet hubs knows he is the king of making his dreams reality
I have been so impressed these past few months as he has been making dozens of phone calls
taking people to lunch, scheduling appointments
he has done it all
and it is all so natural to him
Since he has decided the specifics of what position he wants for the summer
nothing is stopping him
and landing a job in IB is not easy....
He just told me most firms make their candidates go through 6 interviews 
and a dinner interview if they really like you
4 of which are on the same. day.
talk about intense! 
It's honestly the most inspiring thing for me to watch him
I really could not be more proud of how hard he's working
There is not a doubt in my mind he's going to do it
and is going kill it

We have three trips lined up this month together 
Our first stop is NYC
the week after we will be London (as long as Jack's passport arrives on time!)
 and the next week is Chicago
the trips are all booked ready to go
while it is going to be amazing to visit all these places
it has added mucho pressure to line some good things up!
I definitely want to be sure I make my time there worth while
especially because my hubs has gotten so many incredible things lined up
while most networks and magazines have not listed their summer internships yet
I am kind of planning on just barging into the place haha
Like any journalist who is having troubles convincing people to give 15 minutes of their time
I plan on stalking the studios until someone will talk to me
not joking
 so to keep my confidence up in the moments, I plan on purchasing myself this iPhone case
The Everygirl Just Do Things iPhone Case // Victoria McGinley // #inspiration #quotes #giftguide #budgetfriendly // #justdothings
because sometimes when you're a little scared...
a dorky little iPhone case really helps



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lassonde Institute of Entrepreneurs Video Segment

Well after a TON of anxiety
and an exhausting amount of work 
I have finally completed my very first package!!

Go easy on me when judging okay
this was my first time using an actual video camera
first time setting up interviews with people
first time using Adobe Premiere
first time actually editing a package (or video for that matter)
and writing an entire package without any input....
basically this was my first time flying completely solo
and it was stinkin hard but I am pretty proud and excited to be finished
so just remember 
everyone's got to start somewhere!
ps all the name tags will be put in once it airs on tv

HUGE thank you to Christopher Collings, Kim Power Stillson, and Trapper Roderick for taking the time to let me ask you a few questions
as well as all the entrepreneurs in my marketing class :)
You're all going to be superstars!
And thank you sweet Jack :) 
don't know what I'd do without my camera man



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where in the World Will the Borens Go??

Tis the season
the summer internship application season that is
This is by far the hardest decision
it kind of consumes our conversations 
in a fun way of course
There are just sooooo many places to go! 
So many opportunities out there
how do you decide???
how do you know what's best?
what's going to prepare us the most?
what about return offers?

Jack is thinking about doing an investment banking this summer
which would honestly be incredible
he would learn soooooo much
 it would really provide a great foundation to go forward with his career
There aren't really any negatives to be honest
besides for the fact he would have to work 100 hours a week :(
but it's only four months, right??

Lots of questions and planning go into picking the perfect internship...
First off we both graduate next year so this is our last summer in school
So the return offer is always an option
but will we want to be there after graduation?
What is going to best prepare us?
Where will we be able to meet people?
Where do we want to live?
What are benefits of living there?
All these and about a thousand more questions have gone into consideration
but I think we have narrowed it down a bit

A definite options is:

Jack grew up there so he has lots of people he knows
grandpa Tom lives there
and lots of family friends
it is the number 3 news network in the nation which is exciting!
and a little intimidating let's be real
TONS to do, and we would definitely want to live there


Another possibility

For obvious reasons
It is definitely a popular option
and a million opportunities are in New York
We would be happy living there after graduation for a bit
but neither of us can imagine staying there too long
but let's be honest
it's New York
and as a little girl I always wanted to move to NYC to become the next Anna Wintour
so who knows... it could happen
we'd probably be there for a couple of months and become addicted to the energy
New York definitely makes me more excited about work (I mean it is the top dog)
but not as excited as the life of living in Chicago.
 Strange? I don't know...
after next months visits I am sure we will have clearer understandings


Another option:

The biggest city in the world!
I have never seen anything like this place
Jack served his mission in Brazil so he speaks the language
and Brazil would be so incredible for him and what he wants to be doing
Supposedly the markets there are growing like crazy
Jack knows a few people down there who would love to have him on board
So it would definitely be an adventure!
I will be honest I can't help but be a tiny bit afraid
considering I don't speak any Portuguese
or really know anything about Brazil
but it would be one of those crazy out of this world experiences


Last two:

Jack's sister Amanda really thinks it would be a good idea for us to get out of the country
it differentiates you from the crowd when applying to business school later on
which definitely makes sense
London and Singapore are both very large financial markets
and would provide incredible opportunities
plus talk about two amazing places to explore!!!


I guess when it all comes down to it, it all depends on who wants us!
We are applying now and should most likely be hearing back in the next couple of months..
crazy to be thinking this far ahead
but I really am getting anxious to know!
It's not like planning the summer in Chicago would be anything like a summer in Singapore
sadly, only time will tell

Love you all,