Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bridals and Groomals

So, today we had our bridal photos taken. I don't know why but I was EXTREMELY nervous about it! I guess I just wanted REALLY wanted Jack to be surprised and excited. Honestly I kind of worried that it would make the actual big day slightly anticlimactic.... because then Jack would know everything! And anyone who knows us knows that we cannot keep secrets from each other. It's impossible.... I just get so excited and of course he's the first person I want to tell everything to, but this was one thing I really wanted to keep a surprise. I was really good at it too! I was telling him all kinds of crazy things to keep him fooled, but when we were finally able to see each other.... The day truly was perfect.

Our photographer Jessica was phenomenal, she captured every single moment. I would honestly tell every single person I know to use her because her lighting is so gorgeous! My mom and I met her randomly at this bridal fair we went to and could not have gotten any luckier!  

So here are some photos of the first glance! Now I just can't wait for the first glance as a married couple. 16 days :) :) 

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