Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This past weekend my instagram feed was clogged with the hashtag #rSthecon
I literally could not figure it out....
So, I decided to investigate

The company is called rewardStyle. 
It honestly is one of the most brilliant business plans
So brilliant I was slightly envious I didn't come up with it myself.

So what it is:
The company is an affiliate network and platform that connects brands and retailers to the top fashion bloggers (as well as YouTube stars, celebrities, magazines, and websites) across the globe. 

Bloggers use rewardStyle to find affiliate links for products they are talking about and enable them to monetize their content and audience

So basically,
they provide fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers with product links for whatever merchandise they have decided to talk about, feature or wear. The links allow bloggers to get paid online the same way personal shoppers do offline!

This weekend they held their second annual conference.
Bloggers from across the world gathered to network, learn and grow their online business.

Here are a few photos I snatched along the way.

Amber Venz, president, and her boyfriend started the company two years ago when she was 24!
Talk about inspiration.

Fun decorations at tables 

This year they plan to have $150 million in sales
Way to be innovative, SO cool! 

For now I will be brainstorming my revolutionary business plan...



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