Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baby Steps

Today I was officially given my own column!
(Happy Dance)

Now before I get ahead of myself 
It isn't a huge, write anything I want kind of deal
I get to write Utah Style & Design and Utah Bride & Groom's 
Pin of the Day  column!
And it is all my own :)

Now I know it may seem very small.... 
but it's HUGE for me!
Groundbreaking really!

Here's an example: 

Thought you had seen every possibility for the Mason Jar? Show off your green thumb with these DIY wall planters. The added bonus? You'll always have fresh herbs on hand!
Using mason jars, an old board, and pipe clamps, learn how to create an adorable indoor or outdoor planter. I think these would look so cute on a kitchen wall filled with herbs!
I get to find fun pins on Pinterest and blog about them!
One per day!
Sooooo  all you pinners out there:
Add me on Pinterest and start pinning!

Also! I am looking for one beyond incredible wedding to feature in the mag!
If anyone has some brilliant weddings they've attended recently
EMAIL me some pics!! I'd love to see!!!

 Loves Loves!


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  1. Wahoo for you, Bug!!! I'm so happy for you and proud of you! It's a big step, in my opinion. :) Love you to infinity and beyond!