Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This weekend Jack and I got to go to Boise to be with his family
Boise weekends are always the best
I leave feeling so accomplished because we do so much in such a short amount of time
This weekend was no disappointment!

The biggest excitement was the turkey hunt!
Anyone who knows me, knows this is a huge step!
Jack loves hunting!
He has hunted everything from crocodile to little birds
So, I wanted to be able to understand it!

Saturday morning we got up at 4:40
Mike, Jack and I left to meet this guy Todd who is a turkey hunting expert
We drove for a bit through the forest and set our stuff up in a grassy field to call them in

and waited

I will be honest, 
I was terrified!
Once I calmed down a bit it really was so nice to be outside together.
We never actually had a chance to shoot any turkeys, 
(thank heavens!)
but I can be excited for hunts in the future now knowing what it is all about!

We went boating
played lots of tennis
went on many walks
sat by the river
made pizzas and ice cream
and celebrated Jack's birthday with lots of family


 It was such a good time!
Seriously hard for us to go back home...
 Huge thanks and lots of love to the Borens for the most wonderful weekend!



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