Friday, May 30, 2014


Last night Jack and I spent the night volunteering away at
Ironically we were assigned to the non-alcoholic booth haha
I seriously think we had 6 customers in a 5 hour timeframe
We raised $12 ;)

The alcoholic booth on the other-hand.....
I'd dare to bet in an hour they sold 900 glasses of wine
It caused for great people watching though!

It surprisingly got SO busy
at first I was a tad worried at the beginning because of all the work that had gone into making this happen and there were like 30 people there,
but the night ended up selling out! Which was GREAT for us!
Most of the money goes to Salt Lake Magazine,
but a portion of the proceeds go to an organization called
Salt Lake Head Start
which is an organization which helps out kids from low-income families

I am going to be an honest critic right now and say.....
I wasn't too impressed with the food..... yikes I know!
I think restaurants tried to bring dishes that were "different" or "authentic"
 rather than their most popular dish.

There was this French restaurant that brought Cassoulet
Let me first say I was up to try anything
even when they told me it was cooked in goose fat.....
Cassoulet is an authentic French bean soup
Ours had smoked pork, or maybe it was duck.... Jack and I couldn't tell...
With a slice of this crunchy stale bread...
It honestly made me sick it was so disgusting!
That being said The Grand America brought beautiful Eclairs that would've washed taste right away,
but they were all gone...

Was that too harsh??
I mean I have to be honest!!
but it was a very fun night
Jack and I really did enjoy ourselves
and I feel we became very cultured ;)

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Happy Happy Graduation Tatey!
I love you!!



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