Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Today is my sweet daddy's birthday!!
I have been extremely blessed in the family department
My papa is the type of guy who loves his family more than life
He would do ANYTHING for us!

Growing up, all my friends were kinda scared of him..
people would ask if he was in the army
or if he was a body guard
and occasionally in the UFC

But anyone who really knows my daddy
knows he's a big teddy bear
and he would do anything for you

He is one of the happiest people I know
Definitely a huge jokester
I don't think it's possible for him to try clothes on without doing the Nacho Libre!
Or eat one of my mom's rolls without saying
Nice Buns ;)

He is up for just about anything!
Especially if someone puts him up to it (nate)
But he is equally up to pushing us to try new things too...

One of my favorite memories, he took my brother and I to the woods camping
We spent the week fully immersed in the great outdoors
hiking, fishing, enjoying the mystical forest
One night while we were sleeping...
I heard something and woke up terrified
Convinced our campsite was being attacked by wolves,
I whispered to wake my dad up.
He was nice a checked things out so I would go back to sleep
A few hours later the same thing!
 I climbed across the tent and woke him again
probably questioning his decision to take me on this campout, he unzipped the tent
takes one step outside (shoeless).....

is face to face with a heard of wild cows!!
They had stampeded our whole campsite!
As he chased them all away I think the poor guy stepped in at least 12 cow pies.....
But he rescued us from the cows that night :)

My daddy has been such an example to me
He loves my momma more than anything
I have watched him love and support her through everything in life
I have watched him as he
always open her door
always tell her he loves her
always tell her how beautiful she is
He showed me the things that I wanted in a husband

He is my number one hiking buddy
We have bonded over the countless hours I have begged him to go with me
He always goes :)
He always knows exactly what little extra action
will show how much he cares
When Jack and I first moved into our apartment
he had been helping us move all day long
He packed everything in Bountiful
while we packed everything at Jack's house
It was 11 o'clock that Saturday when we realized we had no food
My papa was on his way to our place with the last load of wedding gifts
He showed up to our house with
2 dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread (and many other things including TP)
and said, "I figured you guys would want to make egg in the window for breakfast"
I wanted to cry
That's just how thoughtful he is

He taught me to ride a bike
He taught me to drive
He taught me to snowmobile, ski and swim

He built all my barbie dream houses
played dress up and jump rope
Watched thousands of romantic comedies
He's always been a rock in my life

I am so grateful for you papa
I love you so much


My Dad is equal to my Mom. He's the most important man in my life and sets such a great example to me and the family. He works so hard, is fun, funny, loving, kind, caring, smart, humble, a gentleman and always thinking of others first before of himself. I love my Dad so much. <3 A Dad and A Mom are people everyone needs in their lives, but not everyone has. I do have to say, I am a lucky girl.

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  1. Your dad IS pretty awesome! Well, Bug, you've done it again and written another beautiful tribute...and he deserves it. Well said! Love you too, Kev! Happiest of birthdays to you!