Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is my sweet hubby's 23rd birthday!!!!
And of course we'll be celebrating all week long; 
Birthdays should not just be one day!

There are SOOOO many things I love and adore about Jack
but I thought for his birthday I would write 23

1. I'm so inspired by Jack. He makes me want to be better in every way.

2. He is SOOOO much fun to be around. We are always having so much fun together, he is ALWAYS making me laugh and people are so attracted to his personality.

3. He is the most thoughtful person in the whole world. He is constantly doing things to surprise and show his love. He makes me feel special everyday. 

4. He is so in-tune with me and my feelings. He's is the most comforting person in the world and so sensitive towards how I feel.

5. He is very detail oriented. He notices everything! It is the cutest thing. From changing my nail color to a term project, to adding something new to our house, or something someone said. Jack pays attention to everything.

6. He is so ambitious. His dreams are so big and is willing to work hard to achieve them. 

7. I love how every night before we fall asleep he is sure to kiss me and tell me how much he loves me:) Never misses a night.

8. He is the worlds BEST driver!! He literally can predict every car's movements.  I am not kidding it takes us five minutes to get anywhere no matter how many red-lights we hit!

9. He takes SUCH good care of me. 

10. Jack is so smart. He knows EVERYTHING and remembers everything! I am constantly impressed by the breadth of his knowledge.

11. He is always helping out around the house. He takes the garbage out practically everyday, he always helps with dishes, surprises me by making dinner, makes the bed, fixes out leaky faucet, hammers the nails in the floor. He does it all!

12. Jack is such an good guy. He looks out for people and always helps anyone when he can.  

13. He is a family person. He always puts family first. He goes to all of my brother Nate's baseball games, comes to all our family parties, skypes/facetimes/calls his family all the time to stay close, and wants a strong family of our own one day. 

14. He is SO supportive. He encourages me to follow all my dreams.

15. He is so protective. I just know he would do anything for me

16. He can wake up so early and is always be in such a good mood! Sometimes he will go to the gym at 5 am before work/school and is never phased! He's just as sweet at 5 am as he is at noon.

17. He loves spending time together. There is nobody I'd rather hang out with than him!

18. I have NEVER doubted how he feels about me. He is so good about reminding me of little things he loves everyday.

19. He listens and always knows just what to say.

20. He is confident. He knows what he is capable of yet is so humble and down to earth.  

21. I trust him COMPLETELY. I know he always has my back. I can tell him and talk to him about anything.

22. He is so much more than anyone I could have dreamed of.
He makes my life so full.

23. He makes me sooooooo happy! 

I could have this list go on for days, but I just want you to know,
I love you so much baby!

You are my everything
I am so happy to spend birthdays together forever and ever

Happy 23 baby :)




  1. you guys are the CUTEST!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh

  2. What a sweet post, Bug! I love you both!!! I hope you had a fabulous birthday, Jack! Happy birthday from all of us!