Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Live Show!

Yesterday was sooo hectic
Studio5 hosted a live in-studio audience.
Keep in mind we have been prepping for this for weeks
So the energy was definitely high and only got higher
It was a great show!

I was in charge of all the invites
We have hundreds of people email and I got to choose a lucky few to come
All morning I was kind of freaking out that people wouldn't come
Stuff always comes up and Brooke said last time lots of people canceled last minute
so I was just praying that wouldn't happen to me!
Of the 96 people I invited, 86 emailed me back
106 came!!!!!
sneaky little people...

We had some insane prizes!
I was slightly jealous...
So many contributors wanted to be a part of the experience and share 
Everyone who came got a Six Sisters Cookbook, freshly baked sugar cookies,
a cute necklace, makeup, an Ulta gift card, a few free meals to various restaurants 
and then we drew names for the big prizes!
Makes me want to be a part of a studio audience!

All six of the sisters were with us (One isn't in the photo)
We did a CoolWhip challenge 
each girl had to create a CoolWhip recipe without talking to the other girls
They came up with some delicious stuff
Has anyone ever made CoolWhip cookies?!?!?!

The girls were SO darling!
It made me even more excited to try their recipes! 

and this was just one side of the bleachers!!!
 A packed full sea of color!!!

I finally got to meet the other intern with the show
She was absolutely darling!! 
I hear soooo much about her it felt like we already knew each other!

You won't believe this but,
Brooke's darling dress was from JCPenny!!!
(I honestly kinda forgot they even existed!)

The best part was watching all the work we put in come to life
You have to visualize so much with this job
so when the show, especially a big one like this, is in action
the vision comes true
stay tuned for the next big event in July!



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