Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nate Berkus for Target

I remember being about 12 watching Nate Berkus with my mom on The Oprah Show. He was always our favorite contributors and would regularly make appearances. We especially loved the monthly remodels he would do. We would always talk about projects we were going to do, be inspired to shop in second hand stores, and DIY from watching his designs. You can imagine our excitement when he started his own show in 2010.  Sadly it only lasted 2 seasons, but you know we recorded every episode! Shortly after he launched his own line for Target! 

Well in my endless internet surfing adventures I came across his new Target line!!!!! Listen up momma it is CUTE! And to top it all, it JUST CAME OUT!!!!!! I am feeling like a total trend setter here because this stuff is fresh off the trucks. I love just about everything! (Especially those eyelash pillows!!)



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  1. Love this!! You know it you little trend setter you!! xoxoxo