Friday, May 9, 2014

To My Momma

Thank you momma,

For understanding me so well
For knowing my every emotion, even before I do
For forgiving me when I have been wrong

For comforting me 
For loving me no matter what
For being there for me
For showing me the way

For always talking with me
For sharing secrets
For listening to anything
For always wanting the best

For always putting family first
For teaching me what compassion is
For showing me how to truly love

For always being there
For the late/all night talks
For attending every dance performance, piano recital,
 ever talk, track meet, race, or game

For all you sacrifice
For being so selfless, always putting my needs before yours
For always standing up for me,
and having my back. 

For teaching me to work hard, to follow my heart,
be loving, accepting, patient, and gracious 
For always seeing the bigger picture

For instilling in me a love to see the world,
a love for all things beautiful, flowers, shoes, culture, food and design.
For giving me an appreciation of the small and simple details in life.

For loving the Lord
For teaching me the truth
For leading by example

For making me feel strong when I have wanted to be weak.
For always believing in me 
For supporting all my hopes and dreams
For challenging and encouraging me

Thank you momma,
For being my inspiration
For showing me the type of woman I hope to be

For showing me anything is possible
For never giving up
For being my superhero, my twin
and my best friend

We have been through so much together
I am so proud that you are my momma
I am so grateful for you
I love you




  1. Beautiful! You look like you could be twins!!

  2. So grateful I took time to click!! I'm overwhelmed with love and appreciation!! I love you my sweet princess!!! Motherhood is my greatest JOY!!! Thank you beyond words for your incredible gift!! Love you!! xoxoxoxo

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful momma! Love you both beyond words!