Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There is nothing better than holiday weekends
Jack and I were able to be so social!

We started things off Friday with our friends the Harris'
they came up for dessert and games
Anyone recognize this???

Rummikub was always one of my favorites! 
I don't know what caused this but ALL week I had been talking to Jack about how much I  wanted to play
so you can imagine the excitement I had getting off work to see this on the table!

Saturday the Boren's came into town. 
They flew in to spend the afternoon/evening with us.
I had heard so much about the Stinson
but this was my first time seeing it in real life
and let me tell you, it was a beauty!!  

We tried out this incredible restaurant downtown called Alamexo
If you have a date night coming up and like Mexican food
(especially the fish tacos and guac)

Sunday we were invited to brunch at a friends house before church
They made crepes and everyone brought toppings
Let me share a special secret...
Sugar with orange peel zest
Jack's family LOVES it and it was the hit of the party!!
It completely changes the flavor it is beyond!

That evening Tatey graduated seminary.
I could cry so I'll keep it brief
I love this kid and can't believe he's seriously graduating high school on Friday...
He's been in the process of starting his mission papers and that thought alone could kill me
so proud 

Can't help it... He looked too good!

Monday was the greatest day ever!
If you haven't heard of Mount Olympus
be prepared... it is stinking steep!
I thought I was in decent shape before hiking this mountain, but this baby blew me away
I have never been so winded in my entire life
Google told us 4100 ft climb in 3.67 miles 
Beforehand I was like, oh that's nothing! Piece of cake! We totally have this!
I thought it would take like 4 hours max....

That being said, 
it was SO much fun and totally worth it
It's just not your short, fun, little day hike
Plan on a night full of Grays Anatomy and Ice Cream afterwards...

Just what we needed before going into a crazy full week!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!



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