Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crockpot Chicken

Dear anyone who is in need for a QUICK, EXTREMELY EASY 
and delicious might I add, 

I give you.......

Crockpot Chicken
the answer to your busy yet starving night's dreams

All you do is throw 4 or 5 frozen chicken breasts along with 1 can of chicken broth, 1 packet of taco mix, and 1 packet of ranch dressing mix into a crockpot!!!
Let it cook on low while you are at work
and Voila!!

Here it is before I went to work:

Here it is after:

Seriously so delicious and so easy. It makes lots of chicken so we make it as tacos one night, on a salad,   burrito bowl style, in a pepper, on a piece of toast.....

When we are home we really don't like to spend forever cooking so this works for us!
Hope it works for you too!!



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