Tuesday, June 3, 2014



I am such a goal setter
I have always loved writing goals down and checking my progress
It really helps motivate me to be better
and gives me a way to check my progress

My mom would always help my brother and I set goals when we were young
She always said to categorize goals into 5 categories
The main goal is to find balance between the 5 categories
With June being the 6th month of the year it is easy for me to forget goals
I made from January
so, I thought I would write some now:)


I want to feel great and healthy
Eat a more balanced diet

Eat less sugar (I have a MAJOR sweet tooth)

Cook more often 

Don't snack while doing homework....
Keep moving!

Walk more when possible

Run 3x's a week (I would like to do more but honestly don't think its possible right now)

Simple Summer Smoothies: mango, strawberry, coconut water, almonds, chia seeds #theeverygirl


I want to really learn and know all the Bible and Book of Mormon Stories by heart
Really take time to study my scriptures
Do more research
Use more study guides
Always feel in tune with the spirit
Offer to help out whenever I can
Don't forget to pray (mornings especially)
Speak up more in church

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Family/Friends Relationships:

Always be trying to find ways to be a better wife to Jack
Maintain strong relationships with everyone in my family
Invite people over to our place more
Be more thoughtful
Write more letters



To always be confident in the work I submit
Take time to always read the chapters (as they can be very time consuming
and stale it can be an easy thing to skip)
Participate more in discussions
Always be up to date on current events


Learn everything there is to know about producing
Come up with more segment ideas
Don't ever be afraid to speak my mind
Constantly ask for more responsibilities 
Go above and beyond in all the tasks I'm given
Find something that will be equally as meaningful for the fall

"challenge yourself and believe in what you stand for" #theeverygirl #heardontheeverygirl

Continue to write everyday 
Take more pictures
Read 1 book a month just for fun
Finish everything I start
Continue to wake up early and maintain that morning routine
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I am feeling inspired
I know my list could go on and on, but I think this looks like a good place to start

Jack and I have decided to put our goal up so we will see them everyday and know what we are working towards. He does this really great idea where he maps out a game-plan to achieve everything as well as why the goal is important to him. I think I will start working on part two now :)

Love you all!


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