Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

We are working on a segment at Studio 5 called "Guilty Pleasures."
Lets be honest we ALL have them!
You know, the secret pleasures you may be slightly embarrassed if people knew about you...
I have realized I have plenty of little things I secretly enjoy behind closed doors!

First things first...
I have a serious sweet tooth! 
It is deadly.. I just can't say no! It's not the baked goods, I mean I like those, but candy?
That is a completely different story!
My friend Lindsie and I decided to embark in this 100 day challenge once... 
We decided that for 100 days we would not eat ANY candy! 
and we did it!
kind of......
If Ice Cream wasn't a part of the deal.... we took FULL advantage of that little mishap in the contract.
sour patch watermelons, good and plenty, hot tamales.... 
always on hand at the Boren residence:)

This one is especially lame... I deserve criticism for this...
I love the Kardashians 
I do!! I can't help it! I tried to kick the horrid habit when I got married and didn't have cable
but that didn't stop me.....
I follow them all on Instagram.
I have seen every show.
I even used to watch the re-runs at the gym when I would run on the treadmill!
I screen shot pics when Kim is looking especially skeezy and send them to my mom 
(I mean what's a guilty pleasure if you can't share it!?)
I about died when Kimye was on the cover Vogue this year.
I still have it if any of you missed the issue ;)

I constantly "window shop" ONLINE!!!
This term is when you look strictly just to look, and sometimes cover, everything on the web
It is kind of weird.... I don't know what my deal is, but I just really love pretty things.
Especially new pretty things!
There is a reason I had to leave Nordy's people! 
There is seriously no better feeling than ripping the tag off the beautiful new blouse you bough and are wearing for the first time. 
And the convenience online creates!
I mean free shipping, free returns?! 
You get to try it on with your own clothes!
 In your own lighting that doesn't make you look 20 pounds heavier...
It is brilliant.
but even when I am not purchasing
I still LOVE LOVE LOVE looking and being up-to-date!
For any of you who haven't checked out Polyvore...

These are just my top three, but I could probably go on for days!!
What are your guilty pleasures?



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