Tuesday, June 17, 2014


KSL has gotten really good lately
Everyday is different, exciting, and fun!
I won't lie I was very anxious about it in the beginning 
(I tend to overreact, and judge things quickly... causing me to think about the absolute worse case scenario.... and panic.... I know, I know, I'm working on it...)
BUT it has become everything I hoped it would be.

Last week I was able to be the Executive Producer
I was in the control box with our director
 I timed the show and gave everyone their cues
There was so much going on, so much energy, and honestly a blast!
In TV you have to time your shows EXACTLY to the allotted time you are given.
That means if Sally rambles on past her allotted 4 minutes you have to cut Jim to 2:30
otherwise you cut into commercial breaks
which is revenue
which is no good

This show was crazy, I was cutting and adding all over the place!
It definitely added to the excitement I won't lie :)

Then today I got to FILM!!!
haha I never thought I would be doing that, but hey! It's good to know all sides of the biz right?!
I shot the first three segments, which was fun! Great learning opportunity
 but I like my typical jobs MUCH more than this... 
Not too keen on people yelling at me in my ear...

Afterwards Brooke assigned me 5 whole segments I get to solo produce!!!
Last week I went out on a limb and emailed her a few ideas I had for segments
apparently she liked them because I get to arrange the whole thing!!
Seriously the best news ever
My first segment airs on Thursday so stay tuned :) 



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  1. You go, girl!!! It's so fun to read about your exciting adventures! Thanks for sharing them! Love you, Bug!