Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hello everyone!
I apologize in advance
Today I have two midterms and 3 quizzes..... so this has got to be quick
but I made a goal to post everyday, so post everyday I will!!

Yesterday was seriously SUCH an incredible day!
Last minute I was told I didn't need to go into Salt Lake Mag due to the fact I worked tastemakers!
It was a joyous experience that was very unexpected so I was able to catch up on some things
My momma took me to lunch
Eva's Bakery people! I am telling you it is DEVINE!!!

We got two sandwiches and split
The Turkey Avocado, and The Gorgonzola Apple
then for the best part

dessert!! nomnomnom

We split a  vegan chocolate cookie and a ginger cookie
we about died it was so deLISH

After chatting for about two hours my momma decided she'd better leave me and go back to work
so I attempted to start the daunting task of writing Thank You cards from our wedding

I feel so bad, really I do.
We are SOOOO grateful to everyone who was a part of sharing our day with us
for taking time out of their day to celebrate with us
and for all the generous gifts we were given
If I could, we would take each of you out to dinner and spend the entire night talking and catching up!
but writing these cards has been very difficult 
we have been a tad unmotivated....
So, I apologize
BUT I started... so about 65 of you can expect to get yours in the mail tomorrow :)

We ended the evening with our friends Alex and Shaylise Harris
Planning our summer trips together 
eating frozen yogurt on the plaza :)

I love you all!
Wish me luck!!!! 45% of my grade.... Yikes!!!!



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