Friday, June 6, 2014

Off we go!!!

Jack and I are headed to Boise!
Boise weekends really are great, but this weekend especially
It's a TOTAL surprise!

We are going to roll into the Boren residence tonight around 11:30.... 
everyone will be fast asleep...

as they like to call us.... or jackash... but we try not to promote that one!


Jack's dad was in a terrible mountain biking accident this week.
He was riding this trail he always bikes, right behind their house 
This guy let his dog run loose and came out of nowhere directly into Mike's path
Mike swerved to miss him, but ended up blowing his tire on a rock.
He flew over the handlebars and rolled down the hill a ways

This guy walks over to ask if Mike was okay, where he replied, "I think I broke my collar bone..."
The guy looks at him and says, oh I'm sorry


I could not believe it... To me this is the equivalent to a hit and run.
Keep in mind Mike is about 2 miles away from the house. 
Still in the mountains.
HE WALKED carrying the bike because remember, it has no tire!
true warrior if you ask me
I probably would've called life-flight... ;)

Later that day Mike finally agreed to go to hospital only to find he had broken a bone in his vertebrate 
and his collar bone in three places.....
He went in for surgery Tuesday for the collarbone. 
He had a pin put in and everything went well from what he's told us, 
but definitely still in pain and very sore.

so we plan on surprising him with endless homemade ice cream and pottery making classes all weekend! I think they will be excited. We hope at least :)

Love love,


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