Monday, June 23, 2014

Patterned Tile

Since working with the magazine I have really grown to love design.
It is definitely all in the details
We see so many homes, so the one's that have really paid attention to the details 
are the homes that get me

One thing that especially catches my eye is beautiful tile
Tile adds so much personality to a space
Whether it's a the floor, backsplash, (I have even seen a cool tile ceiling!)
Here are a few of my favorites

My future entry...
Just saying! Is this not to die for?!

You typically see fun tile in bathrooms, but this is actually a living room!

Last Christmas Jack's sister got married in Italy
so we ventured to the Amalfi coast for one of the most incredible destination wedding ever

One of the days we went to Pompeii
Pompeii was the city near Naples that was practically destroyed when
Mount Vesuvius blew in I believe 50 AD
Anyways these BEAUTIFUL mosaic tiles survived the test of time
As I took these photos I said to Jack 
"One day baby" he agreed, so I am holding him to that promise :)

Ancient Rome's guard dog :)

Perhaps one of my favorite stops of the trip....
 The Brothel 



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