Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Today I was able to shoot my first entire home!!!!
It blew my mind to learn how much goes into staging a photoshoot
This home was a remodel so they shot it last spring before any renovations were done
Then last week we went through the entire home with the designer and home owner getting the full run down on what they have done over the past year, materials used, sources, ect ect
The next day (or that night) we talk with the designer and tell him the changes that will need to be made if he/she wants us to shoot the home (or rooms if there are rooms we don't like)
After ALL that we do the shoot

Today was special because we loved the entire home so this home will be one of our features
which basically means the entire home (before and after) will have a 4-5 page spread in our magazine
this shoot is for the Spring 2015 issue
(shows how far in advance we have to work right...)

Here's how the actual shoot goes:
1. at about 9 o'clock you walk into an immaculately designed home 
2. you do a full walk through with the designer (the home owners are typically not here for this)
3. we decide where the lighting is best for the time and you start in that space
4. for this space the lighting was coming through the back windows so we started in the guest bedroom

This is what the space looked like when we got there
Beautifully done. (there was a great chair and bench behind me but I loved the lamps by the side of the bed so I had to show you how cute they were)

5. We choose where we think we can get the best shot and start framing
this is typically the hardest part because how you would stage a house for someone to see is completely different than how you see it in the magazine.
The camera's lens is doing all kinds of great things to (I can get into that later) so you have to move objects closer and add things where there are holes and everything has to be absolutely perfect

the best part????
LOTS of BEAUTIFUL flowers :)
we arranged flowers like crazy today! 
I seriously could go into the flower biz after today it was so much fun!  

We has white sheets initially but it was too white..... So we changed them to yellow 
(keep in mind my camera REALLY picked up the yellow it wasn't this bright!)

I mean seriously, who wouldn't love to have fresh tulips at their vanity everyday??
the Q-Tips were just for the shoot..... She didn't have that before :)
All in the details!

The backyard furniture we had brought in just for the shoot as well
This was the one space that wasn't completely furnished when we got there
Everything was set up literally as we were shooting
Just goes to show that things are not always as they may appear ;)

I loved this office. 
It was so simple and so clean

The house was build in 1963 if you can think of the style you will know how much of a transformation this place is! All the hallways were widened, moldings, doors, windows! You name it, it was fixed!

Have you ever seen this kind of a rose???
I thought they were really neat looking especially in this type of a bowl
We had this arrangement on the dining room table 
The chandelier above this table was so insanely beautiful you must remember to purchase the issue to see it!!  

I really loved the pinks and reds with that chair and come on who doesn't love hydrangeas!?

Each room took about an hour to arrange everything how we liked it....
We were always running around back and forth moving a pillow a half-inch
or adding books for dimension

One of my favorite spots in the house was the grandkid's playroom!
So colorful, so playful, great artwork!
I mean look at those poufs!! 

 Adding more color to the basement "hangout"
or a necessary snack time after 9 hours of shooting..... 

If there was one thing I learned today I would definitely say
It's all  in the details!
It truly makes ALL the difference!!



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