Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tech Talk Thursday??

Jack, working in venture capital, hears about a LOT of sweet company ideas 
first hand.
It's the greatest thing,
 every night the handsome guy comes home with this giant smile on his face
and tells me the latest business ventures people are out there starting!

Todays was really cool, and spoke to my inner wannabe fashionista

It is called Ringly.
The ring is connected through your phone's bluetooth
Whenever someone calls, or you have a calendar alert, someone likes your instagram pic, whatever   you set up
The ring will vibrate and a light on the side will flash alerting you!!
They are created with 18k matt gold and are all semi precious stones
Plus, they are really cute :)

Sadly tonight will be crazy busy :(
I am kind of dreading it to be honest!
I just want to watch a movie, eat a giant bowl of popcorn, and snuggle my hubby....
I don't know what it is exactly but I feel like I just haven't had ANY desire to study this week!
Everyday I have come up with some sad excuse to put it off...
I'll have a few extra minutes to get some homework started but I just cannot seem muster up the motivation to do it!!!
 Instead I watch YouTube videos of Barbara Walters interviews..... Or read my book (The Book Thief. Go get it, it is seriously a page turner and I am obsessed. Already 100 pages deep and I started it last night..... at midnight....)

PS Did anyone feel the earthquake last night??? I had no idea until getting to work listening to everyone freak out about it!!!
I'll be honest...
It made me slightly sad I missed it!
I remember living in SF about two years ago being in the library at FIDM (top floor) when there was an earthquake and the buildings were swaying for about 5 minutes afterwards! Since it was relatively small and nobody got hurt it was strangely exciting haha



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