Monday, June 2, 2014


This weekend was crrrazzzyyy fun

First things first, hats off to my brother Tatey
He graduated high school on Friday
with honors 
My mind is honestly blown that he's already at this stage in life
Now he's working on his mission papers.
Graduation seems like nothing compared to that!!!
but I really couldn't be a more proud sister
I have bets Tatey's getting called to Africa..
I've just got a feeling ;)

My cute family <3

The grad

My other brother Z (who was late so wasn't in the family photo...)
got an incredible scholarship at Weber State to play football
Such a stud and is honestly a part of our family we love him so much!

Saturday morning we had a 5 am wake up call
The three amigos ventured to Idaho Falls for our friend Kory's wedding
Sam served his mission with Kory and Jack knew him through Sam
 but they became really close last summer 
when they lived in Philadelphia together.
Kory married the sweetest girl Brooklyn who is just crazy for him!
Weddings where you can feel how much the couple loves each other are the best kind

Selfies until someone would take our picture :)

All the groomsmen 

We were of course in charge of the car decorations

So grateful to all who decorate our car!!!!!!!!
We loved having the cute window paint (even got out of a parking ticket for having it)
and loved even more not having anything else to clean up haha 
so we tried not to go too extreme for Brooklyn and Kory!

Jack's mission companion Bredyn let us spend the night at his place.
He is marrying the most adorable girl Aubrey late August
so we will be back :)

While we were there
I was introduced to theeeeee best game ever....

I am honestly obsessed!!!! 
It is like an at home version of curling.
Now before you judge
It really is a blast and
we spent HOURS in the basement playing this thing!
Boys vs. Girls
Things became pretty heated
but lets just say Aubrey and I destroyed! 
It was definitely hard to come home

Jack starts his first day with Epic today!
He just left so I am EXTREMELY excited to hear how it goes.

Happy Monday!!



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