Monday, June 30, 2014


This weekend was wonderful, but pretty stinkin exhausting

Friday night and Saturday we helped my parent move!!
Woop Woop!
Don't get me wrong we loved Cave Hollow, but this new place just feels like home.
and it has a yard!!
 They are still in Bountiful, but up Mueller Park Canyon.
So it is kind of tucked up in the trees and hillside.
My sweet momma has not wasted two seconds to start planting! 

After two days of hauling boxes and cleaning Jack and I brought dinner for everyone
We were sitting in the backyard eating 
and everyone agreed 
It feels like we have always lived there. It feels like we will always be there too
We even all agreed we like this new place better than the Sterling house.
I couldn't be more pleased!!
BBQ's nonstop until summer ends!! 

Sunday Jack and I spoke in church for the first time as a couple!
This was my first non-youth-speaker talk so the idea of standing there, talking for 15 minutes was a tad daunting to me, but we did it!!!
We spoke on Eternal Families 
Which is a pretty easy topic to speak on, and I had lots of stories I was able to tell so that was helpful
But it went pretty well! Jack did phenomenally but he is such a natural at that kind of thing! 
I think I wrote my talk two weeks ago and this guy busted his out on Saturday in like an hour! 
I was so impressed, plus hearing him talk about our marriage and future was one of the sweetest moments in my life.
He definitely makes me one proud wifey!!! 

As you can imagine after the talks I was emotionally and physically drained!
We went to my parents for dinner, but lasted about two hours
and called it an early night.
Sure excited about this beautiful new place though :) 



PS- Tune in to Studio 5 tomorrow @1 to see yours truly!! 

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  1. K, I'm sorry, but can you say DREAMY?! That house is gorgeous!!!