Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Endings and New Beginnings

This has been a week I have both been dreading and counting down for...
I have never been more excited for a semester be coming to an end
that may be in part because I am taking 18 credits and working two internships 
or because the classes I chose were thee hardest classes I could have possibly chosen

I just can't wait for Friday to come
I already have a fun filled weekend planned all out :)
trust me, studying for hours on end leads to day dreaming

 I am a little sad it's coming to an end.
I have really learned a LOT this summer

This is my first summer being married 
There is nothing more that I love than being married to Jack's 
I have jumped into that roll with full force
I love our cute little place together
I love cooking
I love spending every second with him
Sometimes I really wish I could dedicate every second to that fun stuff

Salt Lake Magazine was truly a learning experience
I had a few really cool opportunities
I learned a lot about myself and the work environment I need
But I will be honest.... I really dreaded going in everyday
Sad I know... I don't want to sound ungrateful 
because I really am
I just didn't feel like I was really contributing anything meaningful
I was "just an intern" so I was given "intern stuff"
I did get to write an article for the magazine though
so check the Fall 2014 issue for yours truly :)
SPOILER ALERT: it's about gardening 
Studio 5 has been a miracle
I have loved EVERY second of my time there
seriously it kind of kills me to think when I give them the green light it'll all be over
Working there gave me SO much direction in where I want to eventually end up
Everyday I was so excited to tell Jack what I was working on and excited thinking about what was ahead
I met so many wonderful people
was given so many incredible opportunities
and was able to "dive right in" to the industry
It really was a priceless experience I will never forget
and I hope and pray it will lead to future opportunities

School... Well my momma and Jack both called it
They told me at the beginning of the semester to really think about the work load I was signing up for
I insisted that "I'm fine.... it's 14 weeks...."
14 weeks of pure.... I'll leave it at that
14 weeks seems great, but you have the same amount of homework to do as a full semester class
which in a math/economics world
is a LOT
Every week took at least  hours just for those two classes..
But I guess in all honesty it is nice to have these classes over with
and after these I will only have fun classes!
Which is what motivated me to do this in the first place

This summer I have learned so much
about myself and life in general
I know, I know it's not over yet
but my brain works in semesters so..
it kind of is :)

Now it's time to start thinking of the opportunities fall has awaiting!

Love, Love


Monday, July 28, 2014


This weekend was the adventure of the summer
so far :)

We went with our friends, the Harris', up to Jack's family's ranch
The Flying B
We drove Wednesday night to Stanley Idaho and stayed at Grandpa Bob's cabin on the river 
Talk about a beautiful place


From there Mike and Joan flew us into the B
Where the adventures began

The ranch is nestled in a canyon, so the only way to get there is to fly, hike, raft, or ride (horses)
After the flight,
we started our first day with a nice little hike around the ranch to explore the area
Mike introduced us to Gooseberries
I would say it is a mix between a blueberry and a blackberry

We were pretty exhausted so for the rest of Thursday we kind of hung out!
We went to the river, played cards, ate food, swung on the swings, chatted, and just relaxed!

 The ranch is specifically a hunting ranch but people come in for all different reasons
There is a full staff that lives there to keep the ranch running year round
A cook that makes all the meals, 5 or 6 boys who work outside with the horses and land, and a few others who clean all the cabins and lodge and run the gift shop

There are tons of big rafting trips that stop by the B as they are floating down the river. 
These trips are usually about a week long so it brings in quite a bit of traffic
even Susan Sarandon apparently stopped by 

Oh and this is where Jack shot his black bear 

Since horseback riding is my new favorite activity, 
Mike and Joan arranged a beautiful ride for us Friday morning
We rode down the river about 5 miles
The trail was stinking narrow
one side dropped off to the river and the other was a giant climb
so that got my hear racing...
but I cannot tell you how stunning it was
and it built my horseback riding confidence a fair amount :)

Later that day we embarked in an adventure I never thought I would take part in
Spear Fishing
in the ice cold river none the less
So basically you start up steam and swim with the current 
trying to shoot your spear at these disgusting looking sucker fish
you get going pretty dang fast so it is a LOT harder than it sounds
and terrifying...
after every fish they'd stab they would hold it up for everyone to admire and scream
After each run down the river you swim back up to the top and do it all over again

Jack was obviously a pro 
and in 7th heaven

I tried the whole spearing thing
but I mainly liked the swimming/snorkeling part
but I did give it a shot ;) 

I almost forgot! 
We also jumped off the 25 foot tall bridge into the river!
ahhhhhh death wishes I know
but it was a crazy rush

I think at this point I was thinking
if I flap my arms and legs as fast as I can maybe I will fly away

Saturday morning we flew out of the B and drove back to Grandpa Bob's cabin
He is the best fisherman in America and literally knows the Salmon River like the back of his hand
So he took us river rafting/fishing
I was pretty proud because I caught the first fish
and Grandpa Bob told me I was a natural :)
Sadly I didn't bring my camera because we were river rafting....
 but this is cute Grandpa Bob

We left Saturday afternoon because Nate received his Patriarchal Blessing Sunday morning
cannot believe this is all happening
we are hoping he will get his call either this week or next!!
I am calling Germany
I mean he's blond, blue eyed, and has muscles....
It seems obvious :)
My second guess is Mongolia, but only because I want to call him a Mongol for two years... 
Jack is going with Norway because my family is from there, but he's still pulling for Brazil 

Anyone else have any guesses???

Have a good Monday!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Finds: On My Radar

Time for another weekend full of adventures!!
I have to admit something...
This might sound terrible 
next week is finals week! Wahooooo
but I was at the magazine the other day talking with my supervisor
and I decided I wanted my last day to be Monday
the bad part??
I am really excited about it.... Is that just so terrible?????
I mean I am SOOO glad and SOOOO grateful I was given the opportunity to intern there this summer,
I learned so much about the industry
but I was also at Studio 5 this summer
and they just don't even come close 
I mean I guess that was the who purpose of taking on so much this summer
I really wanted to come to a conclusion which path I would choose
and this summer answered that question
so I'm grateful 

I will be continuing with Studio 5 until I find something else for the fall
They are so sweet and told me I am welcome to stay as long as I want!
Which is fun but I mean I really should try and find an actual job rather than just internships 
but we will see what Fall has to offer the Borens :)

  1. Starting things off this Friday is the Ogden Balloon Festival! I am seriously jumping out of my bones excited for this. I love hot air balloons. So it starts August 15th and will go through the 17th. I haven't actually ever been, but I remember seeing the sky full last year and thought how cool it looked!

Lots of balloon festivals in Utah - Ogden, Eden, Bluff, Panguitch... #LifeElevated

2. I don't know if it's possible to love flowers more than I do. Fresh flowers make a house so much more cheerful and cozy. I got really lucky and have a hubby who really appreciates them, and knows how much I love them so he is always on top of making sure our vases are filled. I recently came across this article explaining 10 ways to extend your flower's life. 

3. Jack and I have been trying to be more conscious about what we eat. That is not saying we don't still indulge... very often... but we are trying. I mean it's the thought that counts right?? Anyway, I am a strong believer that what you eat affects every aspect of your body. One thing we have really been wanting to work on is eating less sugar. I have such a sweet tooth. Anytime I eat anything I crave it like crazy. Watch this documentary.  I think it will solidify your thoughts on wanting to be more conscious. It did mine!

4. Speaking of healthy... :) I am a big fan of summer salads. This one looked too delicious not to try! Everything is so fresh right now! If you're like me you'll have one bite and it'll be gone!

Colorful summer salad

5. Last but not least, I couldn't end the week without a few summer shoes. Weakness! I am especially a fan on the ankle strap. I honestly don't think I have bought a shoe in the past two years that doesn't have an ankle strap! Personal preference I guess... They just make a shoe so much more girly :)

12. 3.

Love Love,


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lemon Cookies

Remember Monday when I talked about those lemon cookies??
Well,  I recreated them!
Tonight Jack and I are going with our friends to Jack's family's ranch
(I have never been before!!)
it is about a 5 hour drive
then a short flight
so I thought,
car treats!!!

They were fairly easy so if you would like to recreate the tastiness 
here are the ingredients:

1 lemon cake mix
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 Tbsp water
1/2 cup oil
1/2 flour
1/2 cup crushed lemonheads 
powdered sugar

Now to make:
Mix everything together and roll into balls. Roll into powdered sugar and bake at 375 for 7 minutes. Take off pan as quickly as possible to cool. (otherwise they harden to the pan and it is quite difficult to get them off in one pretty piece) Drizzle lemon glaze on top.

Lemon Glaze:
Mix 1 1/2 Cup powdered sugar, 3 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice, 
1 Tbsp. fresh lemon zest

It was so easy my cute cousins even helped crush the lemonheads!



PS: Check out this cute kid. Bought flowers for his girl. Just because :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surrogate Parents

For the next couple of days Jack and I get to be surrogate parents to my cute cousins
Sara and Liz

Their parents (as well as my own) are the chefs for Trek this week...
No joke, this isn't even a quarter of the food they took
Thank goodness for Costco!
They spent 5 hours just chopping peppers the night before

Photo: It has begun. Trek food. This is only the stuff that doesn't need to be in the fridge/freezer. Fun times.

Remember Trek??

A week spent dressing up like pioneers, pulling handcarts, playing games and sleeping outside
It kind of has a bad rep but I won't lie I really loved Trek :)

My cute momma has been a tad worried about it
she doesn't consider herself to be much of a camper...
but I mean what better time to be reenacting than the week of pioneer day!?

Liz and Sara are about as sweet as girls come
 so it has really been a really fun time
We played all kinds of throwback Tuesday games
Did you guys grow up playing Perfection???
I may have taken me a solid 95 tires but you better believe I finished this sucker in 60 seconds!

We are all staying at my parents house
They live two blocks away from the girls so it is super convenient
This morning I realized that being a "mom" isn't all fun and games...
It's actually kind of hard....

Jack and I woke up at 6
With it being the week before finals we had to stay up really late last night working on projects
While Jack got ready for work (he has to leave by 7-730 depending on the day)
I watered all the flowers, did last night's dishes, folded our laundry, made everyone breakfast and lunches,
got the dogs their food, and ran them around outside since they're cooped up all day
Everyone was out the door good to go so I started getting ready for work
I was interviewing an anchor this morning so I wanted to be a little early when I got a call from the girls
The woman who was supposed to be taking them to tennis had forgotten them!
I rushed to finish getting ready and drove the girls to tennis myself, only to realize there weren't any other moms there that would be able to take them home later...
Luckily we called around and their other friends were home
I was able to drop them off and reschedule my interview
and that was all before 9!

I know it's not much, but it was just a lot more than what I am used to before 9
So in essence don't know how you moms out there do it
I cannot wait to be a mom one day
but I am definitely not ready to take on that role just yet
We'll stick with babysitting for a while :)



Monday, July 21, 2014


Jack and I finally had a weekend we were able to spend entirely together!!
It was honestly just what I needed.
We had the best time

Friday after work we met my cute friend Kayla

and her hubs for dinner
We went to Sea Salt
I have been there once before but let's be honest...
It was about 2 years ago and I didn't remember a thing
Let me tell you this much:
It is the hidden gem of Salt Lake
By far thee best pizza I have ever eaten in my entire life!
Jack, the pizza connoisseur agreed

If you're looking for a good dinner date spot downtown, trust me on this one!
We ordered the Piemonte Pizza
wild mushrooms, and ricotta cheese
The best combo of my life.
I cannot wait to attempt to make it myself in Boise next time!

Saturday we slept in and went the the farmers market!
Neither of us had ever been before and decided to make a weekly tradition out of it

Our first stop: Ruby Snap Cookies
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness
My mouth is watering for one just thinking about it!
This guy is called "The Lilly"
There are actual lemonheads crushed inside topped with a lemon glaze!
Get in my mouth right now good

I forgot to take a picture of this one because it was gone before I could even think about it
It is this months special: The Memphis
The lemon glaze is also on this one, but there are fresh raspberries throughout the entire thing!

There was even a Brazilian stop!
 Jack was ecstatic about the Pao de Queijo...
Cheesy Bread Yum Yum

Next stop, Fresh Lemonade! 
I tried watermelon which was... DELICIOUS! 
(Jack was making me laugh....)
And he went for the original which was just a tiny step below my choice ;)

Jack bought himself some fresh mozzarella cheese
and he got me this sea salt scrub
it smells like heaven
come over and try some
it will change you life into a soft, smooth, skin paradise

 So to sum it all up this weekend we indulged in eating a lot of delicious food
and when we weren't eating,
we were thinking about what we were going to eat next...
I think I will go for a run now ;)




Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Finds On My Radar

This week has been extremely busy
I keep telling myself 2 more weeks.... 2 more weeks..... 
School this semester is killing me. It has by far been the hardest semester I have ever had.
Maybe it's because this is my first semester being married and I just want to hang with my hubby after work....
Or the fact that it is summer
and I want to be outside not trapped at my computer studying economics, the history of the world and graphing logarithmic functions... 
Yep that's right I decided to take THOSE beauties  this summer....
Pure genius
but, we are sooooo close!!!!!
2 weeks

Today topped the stress scale of the week when I was thrown in the deep end at Studio 5
I had to run the teleprompter for the entire show
Seems simple from the outside, I know
but I honestly have never experienced so much anxiety in my entire life!!!
Everyone is yelling stuff,
the guests are ad libbing all over the place,
we still have to stay on track and on time,
and if I'm off I mess Brooke up...
It was beyond intense
I am very thrilled for it to be Friday!!

1. This week we did a segment on the pineapple print trend. I found this darling pineapple nails tutorial! White is my go to nail color, so I thought this was a cute way to spice them up a little! I don't know if I could pull off doing every nail, but I would try it on one for sure!! 

2. I have been getting these rando blemishes! Don't judge everyone gets one on occasion. My momma and grandma have raised me into a face washing addict. I literally cannot fall asleep until I wash my face and if I do happen to fall asleep I wake myself up in terror at like 2 am and run to the bathroom. Well, Lauren Conrad has come to the rescue, of course, and explains why you breakout where you do!

3. Keeping with the beauty theme this week, I came across an article on Buzzfeed that has the 19 hairstyling hacks every girl should know! Brilliant! Some really good tips too.

4. My Kate Spade dreams came true this week when I learned she is launching her first ever swim line!!!!! Ahhhh I don't know if I have ever been so excited about actually wearing a swimming suit in my life. Anyone who knows me knows my complete adoration for Kate Spade. Everything is just beyond perfection, so this is the cherry on top for me! They won't actually be out until Jan 2015 but I am still very eager to see what she has come up with!!! You can bet I will be saving up for one :)
5.  Pepto-Bismol face mask??? What in the world??!!! Am I the last person to hear about this?? In all honestly it actually looks kind of nice and refreshing!! Elle has 6 DIY face masks... I'm still trying to decide which one to try out this weekend.

Can you tell I am looking forward to a hopefully relaxing weekend?? 
Happy Friday:)