Monday, July 28, 2014


This weekend was the adventure of the summer
so far :)

We went with our friends, the Harris', up to Jack's family's ranch
The Flying B
We drove Wednesday night to Stanley Idaho and stayed at Grandpa Bob's cabin on the river 
Talk about a beautiful place


From there Mike and Joan flew us into the B
Where the adventures began

The ranch is nestled in a canyon, so the only way to get there is to fly, hike, raft, or ride (horses)
After the flight,
we started our first day with a nice little hike around the ranch to explore the area
Mike introduced us to Gooseberries
I would say it is a mix between a blueberry and a blackberry

We were pretty exhausted so for the rest of Thursday we kind of hung out!
We went to the river, played cards, ate food, swung on the swings, chatted, and just relaxed!

 The ranch is specifically a hunting ranch but people come in for all different reasons
There is a full staff that lives there to keep the ranch running year round
A cook that makes all the meals, 5 or 6 boys who work outside with the horses and land, and a few others who clean all the cabins and lodge and run the gift shop

There are tons of big rafting trips that stop by the B as they are floating down the river. 
These trips are usually about a week long so it brings in quite a bit of traffic
even Susan Sarandon apparently stopped by 

Oh and this is where Jack shot his black bear 

Since horseback riding is my new favorite activity, 
Mike and Joan arranged a beautiful ride for us Friday morning
We rode down the river about 5 miles
The trail was stinking narrow
one side dropped off to the river and the other was a giant climb
so that got my hear racing...
but I cannot tell you how stunning it was
and it built my horseback riding confidence a fair amount :)

Later that day we embarked in an adventure I never thought I would take part in
Spear Fishing
in the ice cold river none the less
So basically you start up steam and swim with the current 
trying to shoot your spear at these disgusting looking sucker fish
you get going pretty dang fast so it is a LOT harder than it sounds
and terrifying...
after every fish they'd stab they would hold it up for everyone to admire and scream
After each run down the river you swim back up to the top and do it all over again

Jack was obviously a pro 
and in 7th heaven

I tried the whole spearing thing
but I mainly liked the swimming/snorkeling part
but I did give it a shot ;) 

I almost forgot! 
We also jumped off the 25 foot tall bridge into the river!
ahhhhhh death wishes I know
but it was a crazy rush

I think at this point I was thinking
if I flap my arms and legs as fast as I can maybe I will fly away

Saturday morning we flew out of the B and drove back to Grandpa Bob's cabin
He is the best fisherman in America and literally knows the Salmon River like the back of his hand
So he took us river rafting/fishing
I was pretty proud because I caught the first fish
and Grandpa Bob told me I was a natural :)
Sadly I didn't bring my camera because we were river rafting....
 but this is cute Grandpa Bob

We left Saturday afternoon because Nate received his Patriarchal Blessing Sunday morning
cannot believe this is all happening
we are hoping he will get his call either this week or next!!
I am calling Germany
I mean he's blond, blue eyed, and has muscles....
It seems obvious :)
My second guess is Mongolia, but only because I want to call him a Mongol for two years... 
Jack is going with Norway because my family is from there, but he's still pulling for Brazil 

Anyone else have any guesses???

Have a good Monday!


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