Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Endings and New Beginnings

This has been a week I have both been dreading and counting down for...
I have never been more excited for a semester be coming to an end
that may be in part because I am taking 18 credits and working two internships 
or because the classes I chose were thee hardest classes I could have possibly chosen

I just can't wait for Friday to come
I already have a fun filled weekend planned all out :)
trust me, studying for hours on end leads to day dreaming

 I am a little sad it's coming to an end.
I have really learned a LOT this summer

This is my first summer being married 
There is nothing more that I love than being married to Jack's 
I have jumped into that roll with full force
I love our cute little place together
I love cooking
I love spending every second with him
Sometimes I really wish I could dedicate every second to that fun stuff

Salt Lake Magazine was truly a learning experience
I had a few really cool opportunities
I learned a lot about myself and the work environment I need
But I will be honest.... I really dreaded going in everyday
Sad I know... I don't want to sound ungrateful 
because I really am
I just didn't feel like I was really contributing anything meaningful
I was "just an intern" so I was given "intern stuff"
I did get to write an article for the magazine though
so check the Fall 2014 issue for yours truly :)
SPOILER ALERT: it's about gardening 
Studio 5 has been a miracle
I have loved EVERY second of my time there
seriously it kind of kills me to think when I give them the green light it'll all be over
Working there gave me SO much direction in where I want to eventually end up
Everyday I was so excited to tell Jack what I was working on and excited thinking about what was ahead
I met so many wonderful people
was given so many incredible opportunities
and was able to "dive right in" to the industry
It really was a priceless experience I will never forget
and I hope and pray it will lead to future opportunities

School... Well my momma and Jack both called it
They told me at the beginning of the semester to really think about the work load I was signing up for
I insisted that "I'm fine.... it's 14 weeks...."
14 weeks of pure.... I'll leave it at that
14 weeks seems great, but you have the same amount of homework to do as a full semester class
which in a math/economics world
is a LOT
Every week took at least  hours just for those two classes..
But I guess in all honesty it is nice to have these classes over with
and after these I will only have fun classes!
Which is what motivated me to do this in the first place

This summer I have learned so much
about myself and life in general
I know, I know it's not over yet
but my brain works in semesters so..
it kind of is :)

Now it's time to start thinking of the opportunities fall has awaiting!

Love, Love


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