Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Finds On My Radar

This week has been extremely busy
I keep telling myself 2 more weeks.... 2 more weeks..... 
School this semester is killing me. It has by far been the hardest semester I have ever had.
Maybe it's because this is my first semester being married and I just want to hang with my hubby after work....
Or the fact that it is summer
and I want to be outside not trapped at my computer studying economics, the history of the world and graphing logarithmic functions... 
Yep that's right I decided to take THOSE beauties  this summer....
Pure genius
but, we are sooooo close!!!!!
2 weeks

Today topped the stress scale of the week when I was thrown in the deep end at Studio 5
I had to run the teleprompter for the entire show
Seems simple from the outside, I know
but I honestly have never experienced so much anxiety in my entire life!!!
Everyone is yelling stuff,
the guests are ad libbing all over the place,
we still have to stay on track and on time,
and if I'm off I mess Brooke up...
It was beyond intense
I am very thrilled for it to be Friday!!

1. This week we did a segment on the pineapple print trend. I found this darling pineapple nails tutorial! White is my go to nail color, so I thought this was a cute way to spice them up a little! I don't know if I could pull off doing every nail, but I would try it on one for sure!! 

2. I have been getting these rando blemishes! Don't judge everyone gets one on occasion. My momma and grandma have raised me into a face washing addict. I literally cannot fall asleep until I wash my face and if I do happen to fall asleep I wake myself up in terror at like 2 am and run to the bathroom. Well, Lauren Conrad has come to the rescue, of course, and explains why you breakout where you do!

3. Keeping with the beauty theme this week, I came across an article on Buzzfeed that has the 19 hairstyling hacks every girl should know! Brilliant! Some really good tips too.

4. My Kate Spade dreams came true this week when I learned she is launching her first ever swim line!!!!! Ahhhh I don't know if I have ever been so excited about actually wearing a swimming suit in my life. Anyone who knows me knows my complete adoration for Kate Spade. Everything is just beyond perfection, so this is the cherry on top for me! They won't actually be out until Jan 2015 but I am still very eager to see what she has come up with!!! You can bet I will be saving up for one :)
5.  Pepto-Bismol face mask??? What in the world??!!! Am I the last person to hear about this?? In all honestly it actually looks kind of nice and refreshing!! Elle has 6 DIY face masks... I'm still trying to decide which one to try out this weekend.

Can you tell I am looking forward to a hopefully relaxing weekend?? 
Happy Friday:)



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