Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Tatey!!!!

Today I can't help but cry a little
my sweet little brother Tatey is officially 18
Graduation got me but not like this..
And as if turning 18 wasn't enough, he turned his papers in today as well!!!
I don't think it is possible to be more proud of him than I am because he has grown up so much 
but to me he really will always be that cute little 9 year old who would constantly ask me to play with him. 

Since it was just Nate and me growing up, we were able to grow really close
We would honestly do everything together!
Play games for hours on end, Sequence, Phase 10 and Rumicube were some faves
but we definitely loved  making up our own games
Our favorite was "spear" throwing up the stairs
I was going through this Asian voice phase so we had to yell 
"Aaaand Heeee" with a Chinese accent of course
Somehow that entertained us for hours

Actually we loved those stairs hahaha
Nate could butt slide down them faster than you would ever imagine!!! 
To this day I have not seen ANYTHING like it!!
I was jealous of how fast he could go so I once came up with the idea to
slide down the stairs on his mattress and out the front door
then dad caught us.... it obviously ended very quickly


You may have thought sharing clothes was just something sisters do....
Well think again....
AND he'd go for the nice stuff.
Like my favorite Alexander Wang cashmere beanie
then proceed to TORTURE me via snap chat...

But he'd always make up for it with the all the other snaps :)

He was my number 1 bud on all family trips
Literally we would do EVERYTHING together
He would let me surf on his back in the pool for hours!!!!  
all nighters in our hotel room watching movies 
I bet the poor guy has seen The Devil Wears Prada, Stick It, and Just Go With It
a thousand times


He was the most protective brother ever
Let me tell you this boy did not like ANYONE
until literally the first day he met Jack
and he said he knew I was going to marry him and proceeded to tell me why he knew
and all the things he noticed about Jack

I am one lucky girl

 I love you Tatey
Thank you for being the worlds "bestest broter in da whole wide world"
I am so proud of who you have grown up to be
and for everything that is ahead for you
Best Friends Forever :)


Sister :)

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