Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Make Your Own Chalk Paint!!!


So remember that project I told you about??
Well today it came to life on air!
So a few months back I emailed Brooke Walker like 25 segment ideas I had
She was so happy I sent her the ideas that she let me produce them! 
Ever since I have been writing and putting together all the ideas I have come up with
today was the grand finale because she asked ME to be the presenter!

Which is why I was testing it out with my cute cousins on Sunday

It is called chalk paint
and it's pretty dang simple

It is sooooo much more fun that regular chalk (and I am a sidewalk chalk fan)
your hands don't get all dusty, the color is sooo much brighter, and I mean you're painting on the sidewalk

So here's what you need:
muffin tin
food coloring
corn starch

Mix it all together a voila! 

Now don't you want to go play with some sidewalk paint!



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