Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surrogate Parents

For the next couple of days Jack and I get to be surrogate parents to my cute cousins
Sara and Liz

Their parents (as well as my own) are the chefs for Trek this week...
No joke, this isn't even a quarter of the food they took
Thank goodness for Costco!
They spent 5 hours just chopping peppers the night before

Photo: It has begun. Trek food. This is only the stuff that doesn't need to be in the fridge/freezer. Fun times.

Remember Trek??

A week spent dressing up like pioneers, pulling handcarts, playing games and sleeping outside
It kind of has a bad rep but I won't lie I really loved Trek :)

My cute momma has been a tad worried about it
she doesn't consider herself to be much of a camper...
but I mean what better time to be reenacting than the week of pioneer day!?

Liz and Sara are about as sweet as girls come
 so it has really been a really fun time
We played all kinds of throwback Tuesday games
Did you guys grow up playing Perfection???
I may have taken me a solid 95 tires but you better believe I finished this sucker in 60 seconds!

We are all staying at my parents house
They live two blocks away from the girls so it is super convenient
This morning I realized that being a "mom" isn't all fun and games...
It's actually kind of hard....

Jack and I woke up at 6
With it being the week before finals we had to stay up really late last night working on projects
While Jack got ready for work (he has to leave by 7-730 depending on the day)
I watered all the flowers, did last night's dishes, folded our laundry, made everyone breakfast and lunches,
got the dogs their food, and ran them around outside since they're cooped up all day
Everyone was out the door good to go so I started getting ready for work
I was interviewing an anchor this morning so I wanted to be a little early when I got a call from the girls
The woman who was supposed to be taking them to tennis had forgotten them!
I rushed to finish getting ready and drove the girls to tennis myself, only to realize there weren't any other moms there that would be able to take them home later...
Luckily we called around and their other friends were home
I was able to drop them off and reschedule my interview
and that was all before 9!

I know it's not much, but it was just a lot more than what I am used to before 9
So in essence don't know how you moms out there do it
I cannot wait to be a mom one day
but I am definitely not ready to take on that role just yet
We'll stick with babysitting for a while :)



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