Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Fun

I absolutely love love love the 4th of July.
always have!
but this year was particularly good
actually it was just flat out incredible!

My parents, Nate, Shona, Jack and I all drove up to Boise on Thursday
We were welcomed to the Boren household with three new flavors of ice cream
even a special dairy free one just for me :) 
I felt pretty dang special I won't lie
and a new puppy!!!!!!!
He's a cutie

Friday morning we woke up extra early and Mike flew us all up to Stanley
Jack's grandpa Bob lives there
We met a bunch of family and ate breakfast

Getting ready for take off

Flying through the Sawtooth Mountains
It was honestly one of thee coolest things of my entire life. 
I love flying over lakes so Mike got us literally on one side of the plane as we zipped through

Mom taking breakfast selfies ;)
hahaha love you!! xxoo

The whole family all together

Jack got us these jackets from work
They say Epic Ventures on the sleeve :)
Since getting them I can't wear any other jacket I'm just too proud of him!

We spent the rest of the afternoon shooting at the range
Mike bought all of these crazy targets for a timed obstacle course
We all ran through the course and had to shoot each target
and trust me it was stinking hard!

Pictures of everyone hitting clay pigeons 

After we had more family over for swimming, BBQ's and fireworks!

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the lake
Everyone skied or wake-boarded so it was seriously so much fun!

We all came home and swam for hours
as you can imagine we are all now fried 

Mike is officially now a beekeeper hahaha
He purchased all the gear and now knows literally everything there is to know about keeping bees
It's actually seriously cool
And we have the most delicious honey in the entire world from it!

Homemade pizzas in the pizza oven with more gourmet ice cream for dinner

 As it was getting dark Jack and I heard something outside so we hopped on the four wheeler to see what it was
Jack of course took his shot gun haha
The coyote escaped before we were over there but instead Jack blew my mind yet again
I dared him to shoot at this itty bitty target that was at least 450 yards away
and HE DID IT!!!!
It was literally theee craziest thing I have ever seen

We ended the night by going on a midnight ride

It was seriously SO hard to leave on Sunday
we all had so much fun and made so many amazing memories
I can't help but feel so lucky to have such an incredible family and love both sides the way I do
A gigantic thank you to the Borens for helping us all to step out of our comfort zones this weekend and have some incredible experiences.

Love you all




  1. Ashlie, you were in Boise over the 4th? Haha, we were too! We even went to the lake the same day as you.. (we were at Lake Lowell, maybe our boats passed each other!) Small world, I love Boise!!

    1. You were?! Oh my gosh how funny! We were actually at Lucky Peak but what a small world! Are your parents in Boise??

    2. My family moved there since I've moved out, but my husband is a born-and-raised Boise man! We go all the time, is your husband from there, too?

    3. Oh wow that's so great! Yes he is, so we are up there all the time too!