Monday, July 14, 2014

weekend fun.

This weekend our friends the Harris' invited us to go with them up to Bear Lake!
We had a very busy, fun filled couple of days

Unfortunately I had to stay at work late Friday... 
but I do have a fun project coming up this week :) :)
 so we didn't get on the road until about 6:30

Kayla (our social media intern) was in studio both Thursday AND Friday
Sadly she works opposite days from me so I don't get to see her very often
as you can imagine, it was a great surprise to have a friend there!

(I had to rock the glasses because I thought it would be a good idea to stab my eyes out with my mascara brush as I was getting ready...)

We got to Bear Lake around 9 and of course indulged in shakes, burgers and curly fries
and played Clue all night long!
It was a serious flashback to my childhood. 
Tatey and I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Clue, well and just about every other game known..
but guys Clue has gotten a makeover! 
and it's pretty great

Saturday was full of activities.
We woke up and made breakfast and lunch to take with us and drove to Minnetonka Cave
I had never been
and this was Jack's first time being to Bear Lake since he was 14 so we were seriously giddy over this cave!

The only photo we took of the four of us the entire trip! :(

How amazing right?!
It is far beyond me the incredible wonders of this world!
I guess all these little guys were formed from drips of water over thousands of year
and are still growing!
so cool

 Even though there were 444 stairs EACH WAY the cave was FREEZING!!!!!
Sadly I left my Epic jacket in the car :'( 

We left the cave freezing so we went back to the reserve and played a little tennis
and then
I am sure everyone has probably done this by now, but I am a late bloomer over here
this was my first time
Boy oh boy, it was a workout.
Especially after all those stairs....
But I absolutely LOVE LOVED it!!!!!
It is soooooo much easier than wake-boarding
and you are still close enough to the boat you can still feel a part of the group

Hearts, more Clue, BBQs and popcorn 
and this group was poopered 

Sunday my sweet friend Allie had a couples wedding shower!
It was honestly so beautiful
Alex's (her hubby) friends threw it at their home
it was a garden party
with the most delicious food and beautiful decor 
Sadly I didn't take photos because I was just too consumed in it all haha
but you can kinda get the idea...

Alex surprised Allie with the gorgeous headpiece she is wearing
too sweet

My parents hosted us for dinner
and I started on my fun project which will debut on Studio 5 Wednesday!!
My cute guinea pigs who were so patient as I figured it all out 

I think they ended up having a good time ;)

Have a happy week!!!




  1. You guys do such fun things!! Cutest couple evvverrrr..

    I think we should hang out :)

    1. Oh my goodness yes!! We would absolutely LOVE that!!!!!

  2. This post is so cute! You are so sweet!! I had NO idea you had a blog!! You are so talented!

    1. We seriously had THEE best time with you guys!!! Can't wait until next weekend :) And thank you so much that was seriously thee nicest thing to say! Love you!!