Monday, July 21, 2014


Jack and I finally had a weekend we were able to spend entirely together!!
It was honestly just what I needed.
We had the best time

Friday after work we met my cute friend Kayla

and her hubs for dinner
We went to Sea Salt
I have been there once before but let's be honest...
It was about 2 years ago and I didn't remember a thing
Let me tell you this much:
It is the hidden gem of Salt Lake
By far thee best pizza I have ever eaten in my entire life!
Jack, the pizza connoisseur agreed

If you're looking for a good dinner date spot downtown, trust me on this one!
We ordered the Piemonte Pizza
wild mushrooms, and ricotta cheese
The best combo of my life.
I cannot wait to attempt to make it myself in Boise next time!

Saturday we slept in and went the the farmers market!
Neither of us had ever been before and decided to make a weekly tradition out of it

Our first stop: Ruby Snap Cookies
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness
My mouth is watering for one just thinking about it!
This guy is called "The Lilly"
There are actual lemonheads crushed inside topped with a lemon glaze!
Get in my mouth right now good

I forgot to take a picture of this one because it was gone before I could even think about it
It is this months special: The Memphis
The lemon glaze is also on this one, but there are fresh raspberries throughout the entire thing!

There was even a Brazilian stop!
 Jack was ecstatic about the Pao de Queijo...
Cheesy Bread Yum Yum

Next stop, Fresh Lemonade! 
I tried watermelon which was... DELICIOUS! 
(Jack was making me laugh....)
And he went for the original which was just a tiny step below my choice ;)

Jack bought himself some fresh mozzarella cheese
and he got me this sea salt scrub
it smells like heaven
come over and try some
it will change you life into a soft, smooth, skin paradise

 So to sum it all up this weekend we indulged in eating a lot of delicious food
and when we weren't eating,
we were thinking about what we were going to eat next...
I think I will go for a run now ;)




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