Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 breakfasts in 10 minutes

Breakfast is one meal I have never really preferred
I just don't really like the standard pancakes, waffles, and bacon bit 
Jack loves breakfast food!
I would say it could be his favorite meal
so for a while when we first were married I would make him something like that and I would eat a piece of toast and some berries
but that got boring after a while so we ventured out of our comfort zones 
and found a few easy peasy recipes to make everyday rather than the standards

1. Breakfast Sandwich- You can find these little wheat/multigrain buns at Costco! I use them for my lunch sandwich too! They are delicious and like 100 calories... Hello! We like our sandwiches with eggs, cheese, bell peppers, avocado, and Jack loves bacon.

4. Bananarama

2. Smoothies- My personal favorite. Perhaps it's because I have a soft spot for Keva Juice, or because smoothies are just really delicious and refreshing! (I still have the Keva menu memorized so if you'd rather try their recipe give me a call) Otherwise this one is tasty and only requires 3 ingredients!

Quick to-go Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Mini Omelet Muffins

3. Mini Muffin Omelets- We always have all these ingredients at our house so maybe that's why it makes an easy go to, but they are actually really yummy! And really healthy :) Plus you can keep them in the fridge and just pop them into the microwave on your way out. This is especially great if you sometimes accidentally sleep in like we have been known to do...
Skipping Breakfast?! 10 Fast & Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

4. Breakfast Parfait- Definitely the easiest of go-to's, and the best part? No cleanup required! We always have lots of berries at our house so we'll use whatever we have, vanilla greek yogurt and granola. We have really grown to love Nature Valley's Oats and Dark Chocolate. Yummmmmmm yummmmmm

5.  We love, love, LOVE quesadillas so when I found out about this my life was forever changed. Peanut butter, a sliced banana, strawberries, and some cinnamon on a whole grain tortilla. It is a to die for good. 



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