Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School and Reminiscing

Today is a very special day
not just because it is the first day of school
and my sweet momma's birthday
but one year ago today I met my sweet hubby

It was no coincidence when you consider how everything fell into place  
I was working as a personal stylist at Nordstrom 
(basically a personal shopper)
with everyone back to school shopping I was pretty booked out with appointments
I scheduled all my classes super early in the morning so that I could head straight to work afterwards and not miss out on any floor traffic in the store
I literally never had Monday's off but somehow I had this Monday off...

I was finished the day's classes and a friend I had just met in Spanish asked if I wanted to check out the institute's classes
Sadly with how busy I was balancing work and school, I had never even been to the institute 
but I was just informed they gave free parking to students who signed up for a class so the thought of saving $300 was enough of a motivator to squeeze it in

After perusing a bit and signing up for a class
 I was feeling even more adventurous 
I decided to go explore the library
Another place I had never been in my 2 year career at the University....

It was that walk back to the school this very tall, very handsome man was walking behind me
He mad the approach by asking if I was a Freshman!?!?!?! 
Supposedly only freshmen carry papers in their hands ;) 
I embarrassed him a bit by informing him I was in fact a Junior
but we laughed and talked for about 30 more seconds
After staring at his perfectly groomed hair for a minute more
We said our goodbye's
Thinking I would probably never see him again
I yelled "Hey Jack, my name is Ashlie with and "ie" Sundh with an "h"
you should add me on Facebook..."
and about 5 minutes later 
we were stalking each other's profiles

About a week later Jack and I realized we had a class together
He messaged me on FB telling me he would save me a spot by he and Sam the next day
The spot I sat the entire semester
the front row of Suksdorf's Foundations of Business class
It obviously was my favorite class

The semester went on and we had become pretty close classroom friends
We had never hung out outside of class besides going to listen to 
Mitt Romney speak at a business student conference. 
So while we had developed a friendship we didn't really know know each other

It wasn't until November 9th
when Jack asked me out for the first official time
 one of his childhood best friends was getting married and he asked if I would want to go with him
yes, a wedding
my hubby doesn't mess around :)
but it was then my heart kind of melted for him because he was so nervous to ask me!
and I admit, I loved it:) 

He picked me up at my parents house
If you know Jack you know he's a charmer. 
Everyone was instantly smitten by him 
And as you can imagine it was by far the best date of my life
But we really knew it was fate when I caught the bouquet that night

This was just outside the wedding on our very first date
as you can tell it didn't take long for us to become comfortable together

November 14th we made things official and even more official December 14th
When you know, you just know :)

So the first day of school is definitely exciting
but it will always have an extra special place in my heart



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