Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carpe Diem

This is my last week at Studio 5
I have really been crying because it has been thee best work experience of my life
they have offered me an internship extension if I would like to stay
which I just might take them up on if other things don't work out 
but I am really wanting to venture outside my comfort zone and test the news waters
intense, I know...

I have really been trying to "seize each day" I have left here
which is what I think made today so wonderful!
Stephanie took me around the entire studio (outside of our little land)
and introduced me to all the news people
She said the sweetest words about me
and told them that they should give me a call for a fall internship 
then we all chatted over free pizza for a bit 

Well they called!! :)
 I am trying not to get too excited yet but.....
This could be really really really wonderful
Internships Round 2
She also told me if I were to get the position she would love to have me over to Studio 5
at least once a week to continue my lifestyle production skills
Words just can't express my feelings right now
Now we wait....

Life at home has been very fun since Jack and I are out of school
Last night I redecorated our house :) 
well rearranged some stuff
It just needed a little lovin
We have been SOOO Blessed because
literally all of our furniture has been given to us
we haven't had to buy a single thing
either from our old bedrooms or from Jack's sister Amanda
who used to live in Salt Lake but after about 12 moves is currently in Australia
This is the first moment I have actually had some time to dedicate to focus on helping it look a little more "pretty" since the initial move
 I spent like 4 hours cleaning everything and then the fun stuff
moving it all around
The best was when Jack walked in the door
It definitely made my hard work worth while

I have this horrible habit of buying a thousand picture frames to decorate with 
and then I put off filling them...
It is sad I know
Imagine a house full of empty frames hahaha

To me,
It's kind of like like fueling your car...
You put it off because it's "fine for now" and then all of the sudden you have a rude awakening
So I sent my prints to Costco and filled every last frame
I swear there are at least 25 frames
but it gave me a change to look through hundreds of photos
and of course was reminded what a magical day our wedding day was
I came across a few beautiful moments our wedding photographer Jessica captured
These are a few faves

Had to post one with Tatey because today very well could be an exciting day...
I'm going to leave it at that before I start bawling my eyes out



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