Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Comfort Zones

I am all about pushing myself to try new things
but is it bad to sometimes just say no thanks?

My sweet hubby is the most adventurous man ever
I love that about him
Sometimes it seems he has tried just about everything
and he is typically (always) really good at everything 
He is always so sweet and patient to help me try new things!
and sometimes I love them
and other times.... it's just not for me (spear fishing??)
and that's okay right? because... at least I tried it?

I remember the first time I went shooting
I was so nervous
Here I am with a group of professional exotic African animal hunters
shooting a gun for the first time
and come on, of course I wanted to impress them!
pressure's on right?
I was hunched over holding my breath
trying to squint at the tiny target
my heart was beating so loud
my arms were shaking (I mean guns are heavy!)
I finally pulled the trigger....
and cried....

Then this one time we went turkey hunting
I can sometimes talk a lot of "talk"
but that's all it is... talk
One evening we were at Texas de Brazil with Jack's parents
 Jack showed us this funny video of this 9 year old girl turkey hunting
I thought... "pshhhh I can do that"
but I accidentally said it out-loud
before I knew it I was dressed in camo, in the wilderness, holding a gun, being told 
"if you shoot it and it doesn't die, you must run as fast as you can and tackle it before it tries to fly away...."
That was when I said a little prayer
"please oh please.... don't let there be any turkeys today"
The church is true :)


What started out as a friendly family competition 
caused me to sign us both up for a tennis class
where I embarrassed myself like crazy
missing balls left and right
sometime getting a tad frustrated with my hand eye coordination
or lack thereof... 
but with a little effort 
it turned into something that is one of our absolute favorite things to do together

I guess what I have learned is 
It's good to try new things
It's good to push yourself
to push your limits
to expand, learn and grow
Be a little awkward
 Uncomfortable can be good
Sometimes you just have to stick with it
but sometimes you'll try something and realize
you know, maybe this isn't for me...
and that's okay too :)



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