Thursday, August 21, 2014

Decisions, Decisions....

I am in a bit of a pickle....
I have been offered a lot of really awesome opportunities for fall semester
but I really just have NO idea what to do..
and I have to decide by tomorrow

so first off I have an incredible school schedule
lots of fun classes
19 credits worth to be exact
I am taking a TV journalism class
basically the class is the news cast
we find segment ideas, produce, edit, shoot, anchor, direct etc etc
each week the student switches roles but is also allowed to stay in the same roles if preferred
every Friday we have to be ready to deliver an hour of news for our station's show
I am also taking this digital editing class
This is by far going to be the most intense 
We will learn all aspects of digital editing, video, photography, web design
and have a final project on each
VERY excited for this one
Then I have public speaking, an entrepreneurship class (still working on an entrepreneurship minor) and an IT class. 
So a very full but fun schedule..
Heard on The Everygirl #theeverygirl

I have arranged my schedule to be Tuesday and Thursday 9-5 straight classes
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7-930am I have the news class
which leaves 930 on to do one of three options:

1. KUTV News Internship- really cool opportunity. I will have access to literally every piece of equipment and basically have free reign to do whatever I want, shadow whoever I want, and learn what I am interested in. I interviewed yesterday and was offered a position but the man who interviewed me told me this is a standing offer while I am in school and suggested I come back once I have a bit more schooling under my belt. He said it may be better for me to learn everything I can and then finish off my degree applying all the editing/writing/reporting skills I learned. 

At first I was like oh no way I can totally do this, I will learn as I go. I jumping in the deep end and I will swim.... Now I am questioning this. Perhaps he is right? This is almost too cool of an opportunity I can't help thinking perhaps I should get a bit more experience so rather than spending my time there trying to learn everything new. I want to go there and create an incredible demo-reel. The final project in order to get a job. It is like a portfolio of all my best work.... This would be the place to do that. I know if I were to go there now I would learn a TON but is now the best time????

2. KSL Promotions Job- This one is cool because 1st off it is paid, 2nd I would be the one who sets up everything for all the events KSL goes to. For instance: this week KSL is in Park City at the Parade of Homes. My job would be to load all our stuff necessary to have a broadcast and set it all up on site. Then I would be working with the anchor/reporter with all the little side jobs, meeting people, and basically being a representative for KSL. This is a very entry level job but I still think it could be a great experience and opportunity for me to keep my foot in the door with KSL. Although I have already been accepted for their news internship winter semester...

3. Pac-12 Broadcast Crew, PRSSA and Media Relations Fellowship- All of these opportunities are provided through the U. I applied to be a part of each this past week and surprisingly was accepted for each one. If I were to decline option 1 and 2 I would most likely join all three of these. The Pac-12 Broadcast Crew is in charge of all the media behind game days, the PRSSA is the Public Relations Society. People who are highly involved in the community speak to us once a week. Great networking opportunity. The Media Relations Fellowship is pretty cool, 10 leaders were chosen to learn best practices in lots of different areas of the media and community. From campaigning and fundraising to organizing events and everything with the media. 

Political Producer for CBS This Morning Jenna Witt Gibson #theeverygirl

The sad news is I can only choose 1.....
So what do I do???



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