Monday, August 4, 2014


I must confess
Last week I really failed with my goal to write everyday
But in my defense....
It was the most intense week of my entire life.
Economics and Calculus are hard.... 
Enough said

But WAHOOWEEEE it is all over!
Let summer begin
I seriously feel so liberated
I now have time 
something I really haven't had much of this summer
so I am very very excited and plan to make the most of what little time I have before next semester

Thursday Studio 5 filmed two segments so I was able to have Friday off COMPLETELY!!!
So, my papa and I went hiking :)

After Jack got off work he came up and we all had a BBQ
I cannot express how relaxing it was to not have to worry about 8 hours of math homework due Monday

Saturday Jack and I SLEPT IN!!!!!! 
and went to the outlets 
and Nordstrom :)


we ended the night going to our
favorite restaurant Sea Salt with my parents and some friends

We thought Nate was getting ordained Sunday to be an elder, so after our block
we went to church with the fam

Every Fast Sunday my momma's fam gets together for family dinner
so we eat, play loads of games and just hang out and chat

It was one of those perfect summer weekends
I am so grateful to be done for a little bit and have some time to just chill
I plan to read lots and lots so if anyone has a great suggestions??

 I am almost finished reading Unbroken, 
wonderful and inspiring WWII story
based on a true story 
It is also coming out in theaters this Christmas
a MUST see




  1. I recommend If I Stay,Looking for Alaska, or Saying thanks, they're all great books!

    1. Oooo those are such great suggestions, thank you so much!! I just watched the movie trailer for If I Stay, looks SO good! I have a feeling I will be crying my eyes out the entire time! Did you?? I have heard about Looking for Alaska, after reading The Fault in our Stars I had this mini obsession of John Green books. I will definitely add that to my list! I haven't heard of Saying Thanks. What is that one about??

    2. Of course! Yes I balled haha, but I feel like I cry in every book I read so maybe I'm just a cry baby but, who knows(: it's such a great book. You definitely should look into reading Looking For Alaska it is amazing! Oh goodness me too him, Nicholas Sparks, And James Patterson are right now my favorite authors. Saying Thanks isn't that known I got it in a little old book store but when I can I will look at the author and tell you. I could probably just give it to Shona if you end up being interested in reading it. But it's just a happy book, there's little stories about people that our eye opening and it talks about being grateful. It makes you look at things in a different point of view. I really liked it. Let me know if you read any of these and tell me what you think! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did(: