Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Finds: On My Radar

What an emotional week
I have officially finished my last day with Studio 5
BY far the saddest goodbye
Words just can't express how much I loved my job there
 thankfully we will all stay in touch
Tuesday I am going in to shoot a segment and we are all going to go to lunch as a team
so that will be a blast
but I can't help but feel a little sad that it is all over
okay really sad 
This incredible summer has just blown by too fast!

I did register for all my classes this morning
  too excited to see what Fall is going to bring

1. I have been in search of a good book to end the summer on. I will most likely finish Unbroken this week so I am rushing to find something worth while! This week I came across a book called The Devil in the White City. Has anyone read it???? It's a historical non-fiction book based on the 1893 World Fair in Chicago. Serious drama was involved during planning and development. It looks stinking interesting, and by far my favorite genre is historical fiction, so I'm looking forward to giving this one a try. Jack kind of thinks I will be while scared reading it... haha let's be honest he's probably right.


2. Have you ever heard of Birch Box? It is a great idea! So for $10 a month they will send you samples of all the latest beauty products you've been wanting to try! $10 no joke! Every month they create a new customized box and send it to you based on a profile you fill out. Sent to your front door like a magazine every month. Now wouldn't that just be the happiest surprise to come home to!?

3. MrKate. It reminds me slightly of a blogger version of Pinterest. But better, it has everything you love about Pinterest compiled into blog posts. So the tutorials and inspirations are all right there rather than clicking a million different links. Everything they post on is very modern and trendy but they have different ideas and you can make it your own, so it's kind of cool to me.

4.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever. My parents live up a Canyon so with obvious reasons there are about 3,000 deer that come by every single day. My momma's poor flowers are always getting eaten.... But when I saw this video I instantly wanted to refuge a little baby one. What do you say dad??

5. A cookie/brownie ice cream bowl! Pure brilliance! With how much ice cream we consume I don't know how on earth I didn't think of this first. I will be putting these babies to the test this weekend, rest assured.

Hope you have some great weekend plans!



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