Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nate's Golden Ticket

So this came yesterday

My dad and I were home when the golden ticket came
It was all we could do to keep it together
I have probably watched a thousand people get their calls
from friends, family to the randos I cry for on YouTube 
Each have one thing in common

I always cry

Serving a mission is such a selfless act of service 
you have to be so brave and so strong
but missionaries see the bigger picture 
It's not about leaving for two years
It's about changing people's lives
bringing them hope and showing them truth
Nate and I have talked countless hours about this.
We have seen how missionary work has changed our family's life
and now he gets to share that blessing with so many families

My sweet hubby served and incredible mission in Brazil
I have seen how his work has been such a blessing for our marriage
not only are some of our very best friends his former mission companions 
but he was able to learn so much about himself and what he wanted in his wife :) 
and am so proud he dedicated those two years
I have heard so many stories and read all of his mission journals
I can't wait to go back to Brazil to meet the sweet families who's lives have been forever changed 
I am so happy to know that Nate will bring his future family those same blessings

My momma made this cute guessing board people have been pinning their guesses for weeks!
"Where in the world with Nate go??"

My cute papa...
After holding the call and staring at the board for 20 minutes 
trying his hardest to keep it together he asked me
"What happens to Batman when Robin leaves?"
It was the sweetest thing 
I said don't worry dad they always stay as a
Dynamic Duo

I kept it together by baking...
and more baking
Smores rice krispies, chocolate chip cookies and normal rice krispies
Nate's favorites :)

The whole family was invited
so as you can imagine
 waiting for everyone to arrive
was hard

and then it was time!

Elder Sundh was called
He will leave November 19th
(exactly one week before my birthday)

The more we searched the more we fell in love with the beautiful city
there is obviously so much rich history
but cool little things that are so "Nate" as well
Every Friday night the entire city shuts down and everyone goes to the high school's football games
Nate thought that was pretty cool :)

Such an exciting evening
we could not be more proud of you Nate!
You have so much to share and you are going to be an incredible missionary



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