Friday, August 29, 2014


This week I have definitely been slacking in my little blogging world...
I'm sorry!
I have just been learning far too much:)
It is crazy how much you can learn in a week of solid school

As you know I am taking a very wide array of classes
I have been a business student my entire life
but am now a journalism student 
so... I am double majoring....

Entrepreneurship and Journalism

It is actually kind of fun though
I LOVE being a business student
there is just a vibe in that building 
you feel almost.... important?
It is a pretty difficult program, for me at least
I have to work stinking hard to memorize a lot of stuff 
and there is a lot of money going into the program
entrepreneurship specifically 
so there is lots of energy from people with big dreams

But I LOVE being a journalist even more
It is an extremely creative environment
 basically you get weekly assignments
and have the liberty to do whatever you want with it..
Then the class discusses their work.
that means sadly, there is a LOT of crappy work done 
but there is also the opportunity to really stand out
you definitely get out of it what you put in

While all my classes are all VERY different
surprisingly each class has had a common theme thus far.....
The importance of increasing your "presence" on social media
whether that be you specifically or your "brand"
Even the Ballet Barre class I am taking mentioned why she thinks it's so important
(side note ballet barre is the best class ever!!! anyone who has time should definitely sign up!!!!)

To be honest the first few days I laughed every time it came up
I was just thinking... Are you kidding?! 
I already have problems getting off Instagram
now you're telling me that it's necessary?????
and thought of this:

But let's all be honest
social media is pretty fascinating...
I mean
what makes people follow certain people?
why are we interested in who we are interested in?
what makes them interesting?
How can a start up go from barley scraping by, become a huge phenomenon overnight?
Celebs, politicians, businesses, bloggers, dogs literally everyone is "promoting" themselves on social media...

Today my professor said something interesting
he said
Guys... journalism is changing....
You will no longer come to class and listen
because as journalists we are entrepreneurs
we are innovators
we take something that hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people are talking, tweeting and instagraming about
and create something interesting
but what is the coolest story in the entire world, if nobody see's it...

and somehow it all made sense...
It's going to be a good semester
I promise to share lots of tips of how to promote yourself :)



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