Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ballet Barre

Last Friday I mentioned the ballet barre class I am taking 
I first heard about it from an old client of mine at Nordstrom
I hadn't seen her for a couple of months and she came in and my jaw literally dropped
she looked that good
After begging for her secret she told me about ballet barre
They follow the bar method
and obviously ever since I have been dying to get into it!

If you have ever taken a ballet class or a Pilates class you'll have a good idea what it is like
Fuse all the barre and technique exercises of ballet with Pilates
and you have ballet barre

light weights, bands, floor mats
stretching, repetition, holding, crunching
booty, arms, abs

It's the most incredible workout I have ever had
Literally every class I leave feeling 20 pounds lighter 
and rejuvenated
you know that feeling when you leave a yoga class 
you feel so free and alive 
but you also kinda feel like you didn't really work out so you need to go run a few miles?
Well ballet barre gives you both!

Just my humble opinion but I totally recommend it!
And I am like thee most inflexible person on this planet and I still love it!
So come try it with me :)



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