Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lassonde Institute of Entrepreneurs Video Segment

Well after a TON of anxiety
and an exhausting amount of work 
I have finally completed my very first package!!

Go easy on me when judging okay
this was my first time using an actual video camera
first time setting up interviews with people
first time using Adobe Premiere
first time actually editing a package (or video for that matter)
and writing an entire package without any input....
basically this was my first time flying completely solo
and it was stinkin hard but I am pretty proud and excited to be finished
so just remember 
everyone's got to start somewhere!
ps all the name tags will be put in once it airs on tv

HUGE thank you to Christopher Collings, Kim Power Stillson, and Trapper Roderick for taking the time to let me ask you a few questions
as well as all the entrepreneurs in my marketing class :)
You're all going to be superstars!
And thank you sweet Jack :) 
don't know what I'd do without my camera man



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