Monday, September 29, 2014

Racing for Scholarships

You would think that segment #2 would have been a breeze after spending so much time on #1
but there are seriously SOOOO many little details to remember every time
that I think this is going to take lots of practice before I get the hang of everything
so please bare with me as I learn :)

This weeks segment was on the University of Utah's Scholarship 5k Saturday
It was quite the adventure let me tell you
we woke up to the most insane rainstorm 
that continued all. day. long.
Now typically I love, love, LOVE the rain
but Saturday I literally spent the entire day outside...
Starting with shooting this segment at 7 am until I got home from working at 11:45 pm
My sweet hubs was sweet enough to help me with the 5k
Don't know what I'd do without my cute cameraman! 

I started this great new job Saturday
I work for the PAC-12 Broadcasting crew!
So for all the Utah home games (basketball, football and gymnastics)
 I spend the entire day doing everything I can behind the scenes to get ready for the event, during the event and cleaning everything up after it's over
It is great experience to learn all the little things that go on 
You won't believe this, but takes about 15 hours to set up for a football game!
granted it was raining Friday and Saturday so normally it takes about 12 but still!
my mind was blown 
I was able to meet some really cool people who are really connected in the industry.
We are talking the coolest thing of my life happened, but I don't want to count my chickens just yet
so stay tuned :)

For now I give you:

Racing for Scholarships



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