Monday, September 15, 2014


Guys.... I was so lazy this weekend....
I'm not kidding when I say
I think I ate like 12 cookies, finished my Katie Couric book and watched 4 movies!!
call us a bunch of fatties but
It felt soooooooo good
until it didn't...
this morning I woke up to go on a little run
and all I could think the entire time was

So to counteract
all day today I have tried to be the world's most productive person ever
yet sadly everything seemed to fall through
well besides the fact our house is lookin goooood 
now is the time to come visit ;)

now for the venting session
I had two interviews scheduled for today
I am creating, what I think to be, a really cool segment 
one I have put quite a bit of time and though into
it's on the Lassonde Institute's Entrepreneurship program
I am featuring student entrepreneurs who have started cool innovative companies 
and are already experiencing success
I am also interviewing alumni of the University to get their take on the future of the program 
and what they learned going to the U and their advice to current students
As well as a few professors involved

I have it planned out perfectly
even have my script completely finished! 
(which I usually save for last)

My deadline is Friday....
Last Friday I hauled 100 lbs of equiptment (no exaggeration) 
all over campus to meet the students I was planning on interviewing
after 3 hours of waiting
I figured they were bailing
At least on kid informed me.... Asking to reschedule for today....
Well today happened....
I sent each 4 emails
I know a total hound... but my deadline is getting close! 
and editing these kinds of projects is no small task!
and nothing.....

So right now I am feeling half irritated
I mean come on! At least tell me what's going on people!
a quarter sad for myself........ 
 My shoulders! They are just soooo achy!!!!
and quarter distraught 
I still have that Friday deadline and no entrepreneurs....

So, if any of you have created something cool you'd like on TV ;)
I'm your gal!



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