Thursday, September 11, 2014


So last night my digital journalism class was assigned a project
 to create a really quick blog post on this site called

It's super easy to use and is really informative.
Basically you search all social platforms (youtube, facebook, google plus, etc.) 
to see the articles, pictures and videos that have been circling these platforms 
that relate to the topic you search
from there you create a blogpost that compiles all the information you find

So yesterday we had a quick challenge 
We had to create and publish a post on Sortify
(on a topic of our choice)
whoever had the most views by class this morning wins
Well guess what :) :) :)

I won!!!!!

I wanted to choose a visually appealing topic 
so people would be attracted to clicking the post
and then threw in tons of fun, funny and beautiful topics from fashion week
that would attract people to go directly to their sites

 You can check out the full post here
but here's a little preview

New York Fashion Week
Spring 2015

From glitzy ball gowns to military jumpsuits, pasties on Miley to the Biebs getting booed, Serena Williams' big debut and of course, lots of fabulous fashion. New York Fashion Week has had it all. Check out the highlights for the event of the season.




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