Monday, September 8, 2014

Thoughtful Hubs

I know I can be seriously mushy about my hubs sometimes 
okay most of the time :)
I can't help it!
I just have to share thee cutest
 thing he did the other day

So, Tuesdays and Thursdays are often really long days
I have classes from 7:30 straight until 5
After class (on Thursdays) I will often times have a presidency meeting
(I am the first counselor in the primary presidency)
Last week's meeting we didn't finish until 930...
Needless to say
It was a really long day

I walked in the door exhausted, to the most heavenly smell
I knew what it was instantly!
my citrus scented cleaner :)
Jack had cleaned thee entire apartment
anyone who knows me knows 
cleanliness has really become something I am quite anal about

We just got these beautiful new windows installed
Which was so happy but while installing them they seriously destroyed our house with dust
I am not kidding the entire place was covered in this yucko black film
I had cleaned twice but somehow it kept reappearing
but third time was the charm
he cleaned everything

My happiness didn't stop there...
He walked me into the bathroom 
He had bought my favorite bath salts from Lush and had filled a candle lit bubble bath
(now crying)

To somehow make things even better 
he thought to buy me this:

A book I have silently been dying to read for ages
Inspiration from the one and only Katie Couric

All I am saying is thank heavens for sweet and thoughtful husbands
now lets all go do something for someone we love :)