Thursday, September 25, 2014

Turning Dreams into Reality

I don't know about you but I am a very good dreamer
very good 
I have all these ideas of the future I want to make
where I want to work, where I see Jack and I living, and just about everything else in life
if you don't believe me, just check out my Pinterest boards
when you start thinking how to bring these dreams to life
and you really break it down into a step by step process
it can be slightly intimidating....

Especially when you've been researching for endless hours 
how to get that dream internship and you learn
"Every year we receive 16,000 applicants..."
 and continue to read "We accept 150..."
You can't help but think good luck standing out there sista
guess I'll just give my girl Diane Sawyer a call
sure she'll help me line something up ;)
But they still accept 150 right? It could be my lucky day!
Which is why I am obviously going to do everything in my power to be one of the 150 lucky kiddos
but I will also be working on my plan B and C and D probably a plan E as well
it's all about getting that experience 
and whatever that experience ends up being...
it's going to be wonderful

Anyone who knows my sweet hubs knows he is the king of making his dreams reality
I have been so impressed these past few months as he has been making dozens of phone calls
taking people to lunch, scheduling appointments
he has done it all
and it is all so natural to him
Since he has decided the specifics of what position he wants for the summer
nothing is stopping him
and landing a job in IB is not easy....
He just told me most firms make their candidates go through 6 interviews 
and a dinner interview if they really like you
4 of which are on the same. day.
talk about intense! 
It's honestly the most inspiring thing for me to watch him
I really could not be more proud of how hard he's working
There is not a doubt in my mind he's going to do it
and is going kill it

We have three trips lined up this month together 
Our first stop is NYC
the week after we will be London (as long as Jack's passport arrives on time!)
 and the next week is Chicago
the trips are all booked ready to go
while it is going to be amazing to visit all these places
it has added mucho pressure to line some good things up!
I definitely want to be sure I make my time there worth while
especially because my hubs has gotten so many incredible things lined up
while most networks and magazines have not listed their summer internships yet
I am kind of planning on just barging into the place haha
Like any journalist who is having troubles convincing people to give 15 minutes of their time
I plan on stalking the studios until someone will talk to me
not joking
 so to keep my confidence up in the moments, I plan on purchasing myself this iPhone case
The Everygirl Just Do Things iPhone Case // Victoria McGinley // #inspiration #quotes #giftguide #budgetfriendly // #justdothings
because sometimes when you're a little scared...
a dorky little iPhone case really helps



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