Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wedding Weekends

Some may think "wedding season" is considered to be a summer thing...
but I am starting to think, like Christmas season to retailers,
"wedding season" is staring earlier and ending later each year
I am not complaining!

This weekend my sweet friend Allie got married!
and I was lucky enough to be a part of the entire weekend of events

The events started Friday morning
All Allie's bridesmaids (most of whom flew in Thursday night) 
met to get our nails done,
one of Allies favorite things to do
so it was a must on our lists

Being the stylist she is,
she selected all our colors :)

That night we all drove up to Solitude Resort
if you haven't been there 
(like me prior to this weekend)
it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful
The drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon was probably my favorite part

We checked in, had a rehearsal and then ate thee more divine 5 course meal
the combination of flavors were just too good to explain
just imagine pumpkin raviolis with brown sugar on top.... 

Saturday morning all the girls met around 10 at Allie's condo to start getting ready
spoiled is an understatement!
She had purchased us all our own robes to wear as we got ready
made up these darling hangers to hang our dresses on
bought us the most stunning earrings
hired a makeup artist and a hairdresser to come so we wouldn't be stressing
as well as a videographer and photographer to document the entire day
and so that we wouldn't need our iphones or purses
(which is why I sadly don't have any photos of the day yet....)

Here is cute Allie still planning away until the very last possible second :)

After a few meltdowns being misinformed about the flowers not arriving and potential thunderstorms 
everything was finally perfect
and I really mean that
it was prefect

Allie planned every last detail to perfection
and the best part was that she really did have her hand in everything
she made most things by hand
and the things she didn't make 
(the cake, dress, food, flowers) 
she designed herself

I can't wait to have all the photos back to share everything
but for now I will leave you with the one photo I have of the beautiful couple



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